Dylan Scacchetti

Dylan Scacchetti

Marketing Assistant

Dylan joined Outspoken Media in 2017 but has lived in the Capital region his entire life. There’s a charm buried deep within the soil that resonates in his bones. As an SEO-driven content and creative, he works to help people find what they’re looking for— to give people information worth their time.

Dylan attended the State University of New York at Fredonia, and received a BA in Animation/Illustration, with a double major in Economics and a minor in Art History. He’s completed individual commissions, organized community art projects that brought sculptures and installations to local communities, and led workshops that taught students art dealing with found objects & photo manipulation. Fresh out of school and working towards his career, he found Outspoken Media while on the hunt. Dylan joined Outspoken Media on a Friday the 13th in the Fall of 2017. Later that day he received a parking ticket; he blames superstition.

“We’ve all grown accustomed to living in a world bloated with information overload, and as a result, we’ve developed blinders to all the white noise, “he says, “I personally believe it is up to companies and advertisers to change.”

What I believe in:


Story is Everything

Dylan’s favorite part of working at Outspoken is when he is sifting through research and looking over pages for improvements. He’s currently fascinated with creating “moving illustrations” and how they might be used to convey stories and information. In a world that thinks “content is king”, Dylan believes that story is what truly resonates with every person. The story reminds us of who we are. The story begs us to listen, and, maybe, decide if it’s worth sharing.

In the office, he has fun being the skilled latte-maker and expert silly joke maker. Outside the office, Dylan enjoys reading short stories, researching pre-columbian societies & myth, obsessing over the mysteries of the universe, talking to trees (sometimes they talk back), sketching people, playing dungeons & dragons, running in the woods, and going to the gym.

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