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Digital Content Strategy

We provide results-driven content strategy that connects your brand to its audience within the technical possibilities of your marketing channels.

Hire us to help develop your content strategy.

Many organizations feel the need to tactically implement an editorial calendar to fill a content quota, but we recognize that without a strong, data-driven content strategy, this can be an incredibly wasteful investment. The majority of organizations fail to plan for and implement a digital content strategy that aligns with their business objectives. It’s not that organizations don’t understand their needs, but working in the same environment day in and day out makes it difficult to bring a different process and insight to the table.

This is where we come in. For years we were known only for our technical SEO and social media roots, but like Clark Kent, our true identities were hidden beneath a pair of glasses — we’ve always been content strategists; it’s the foundation of every service we offer. We always bring something unique to our clients, usually in the form of data, voice, and/or expertise that’s needed to make more informed business decisions that drive online results.

What is our content strategy methodology?

We start at the beginning with every client getting to know your business, brand, and voice. From there we dive into the technical makeup of your current content, including your on-site content and your library of untapped resources created for sales, customer service, and marketing. We want it all!

If you’ve already got a clear handle on your audience, that’s perfect, and if not, we can tackle that next. We take the time to get to know your audience — not your assumed audience, but your actual and desired audiences. We do our homework and pour through your data, your social channels, competitor and industry insights, market research data sources, and surveys or focus groups findings.

Our content analysis & strategy deliverables typically include:

  • Content Audits
  • Content Inventories
  • Persona Research and Development
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Brand Voice Guidelines

Our technical content deliverables often include:

Once we have a clear understanding of your brand, objectives, and audience we get into the more technical aspects of content strategy including:

  • Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Navigational Elements
  • Sitemap Construction
  • Content Approval Process
  • Template Development
  • Measurement Plan Tracking
  • Content Markup with Schema

Additional content strategy deliverables include:

Because our client’s needs are so varied, the following areas pop up in specific use cases.

  • Mobile Content Strategy
  • CMS Field Recommendations
  • Dynamic Content Optimization
  • Location Templates
  • Blog Strategy
  • Content Syndication Best Practices
  • News Visibility
  • Journal Visibility
  • Competitive Industry Differentiation

Once everyone is jumping up and down with excitement for your new content strategy, we can work with you on implementation and content creation as well as getting the most visibility possible for your content through SEO consultingsocial media, and promotion and outreach.

We realize digital marketing agencies like ours are just one cog in a wheel that drives the success or failure of your brand. To this end, we will always be honest about our capabilities and what we believe is in your best interest, even if it isn’t in ours.

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