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Outreach & Promotional Strategy Services

Outreach is the communication between brands and their audience, connecting with influences in your industry, pitching bloggers and the media and more.

Hire us to help with outreach for your website.

Outreach and promotion no longer belong only to the Public Relations team; it’s a vital part of all brand communication channels, especially digital marketing. We define outreach as communication that occurs when brands reach out to their audience, including customers, internal teams, the media, community, social influencers, and other stakeholders.

After you’ve invested in your content strategy, established a strong technical foundation for your site, and worked to establish your reputation, you want to connect that work with increased visibility and awareness. That’s where outreach and promotion come in. Just because you created content, doesn’t mean your audience will see it.

What outreach and promotion services do we provide?

  • Paid Content Distribution
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Owned Content Promotion
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Media Outreach
  • Other Stakeholder Outreach
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Content Promotion Management

Do we do public relations?

We combine traditional and digital marketing channels when we develop an outreach and promotional strategy. Some of this looks very similar to established public relations practices and within the industry this has the trendy new title of “digital PR.” That term describes us perfectly, which is why so many PR agencies have approached us to educate their teams on digital best practices. PR agencies are still learning how to be more digitally savvy, build advanced social listening platforms, identify influencers online, and amplify brands’ messages across many channels.

We love working collaboratively with in-house and agency PR teams. And since we look at outreach and promotion through a different lens, working directly with Outspoken may be which may be a nice fit for your needs if you’re trying to increase content visibility, build your online reputation, connect with your community online, and improve search presence.

When we do outreach, do we work from an established list of industry contacts?

No! Over the years we’ve built up an understanding of how to pitch, who to pitch, when, and with what content, but we don’t have a rolodex of proprietary contacts we leverage over and over. Why not? We don’t like patterns. Maybe that’s the SEO side of us, but we recognize that well-intentioned marketing practices can quickly catch the eye of Google and be considered spam that’s designed to manipulate the algorithm. When that happens entire tactics, websites, and contacts are gone overnight. We believe in carefully crafting an outreach and promotional strategy that will fit your brand and business objectives, not the convenience of a contact who promoted a different client yesterday.

When we perform outreach, how is attribution handled?

This is always a customized approach since some organizations need to handle everything in-house for compliance reasons while others prefer that we handle everything for them from start to finish. We’ve also found that some brands aren’t received well when pitching as themselves given their current reputation in the industry, confusion around their service offering (assuming we haven’t implemented an improved reputation marketing and content strategy, yet!), or sometimes the financial gain contacts see when brands of a certain caliber conduct outreach. In these instances, we manage the relationship for you, but we always prefer to work with your in-house team and name when possible.

Is this service separate from content creation and link development?

When we implement link development and content creation services, you can rest easy knowing we developed a promotion and outreach strategy before we got started. It’s a critical part of every digital marketing campaign we produce, no matter how small. We always prefer to start here to ensure success rather than trying to make outreach and promotion fit as an afterthought.

If we’re working together with an ongoing engagement for any of these services, we handle the research, strategy, and implementation process including qualification, pitching, measurement, and reporting of all outreach and promotional activities. More important, we don’t stop there — we use these insights to constantly inform and refine your broader digital marketing strategy.

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