Switching to HTTPS affects your rankings, tracking, social media, web server, web performance, hosting and the way users see your site in their browser.

Chrome security panel

How to See HTTPS Details in Google Chrome

  Chrome Security Panel   Chrome security panel displays security information about a current connection. This information includes details on
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robots.txt file tester

Robots.txt Considerations for HTTPS Migrations

The robots.txt file   The robot.txt file provides search crawlers like Googlebot instructions of how to interact with your site.
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not secure browser warnings

Mixed Content

  What is Mixed Content?   Mixed content refers to a mix of secure and not secure resources found on
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Google Search Console Intro

Google Search Console Checklist for HTTPS

Google Search Console   An important step when switching over to HTTPS is to review and update your Google Search
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OCSP key, server and browser

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

  What is OCSP?   OCSP is a method used to determine the status of a public key certificate. The
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Domain URL versions

Claiming all Domain Versions in Google Search Console

  Claiming domain versions   Claiming each version of your domain in Google Search Console is a standard best practice
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OCSP Stapling

OCSP Stapling

  What is OCSP Stapling?   OCSP stapling is a method of the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) that removes
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Googlebot activity graph

Googlebot Behavior During a HTTP to HTTPS Switch

  Googlebot activity   Googlebot is the web crawler Google uses to discover content on the web. The way Googlebot
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Sitemaps report

Sitemap Considerations for a HTTPS Migration

  What is a sitemap?   A sitemap is a file with a list of webpage urls. Sitemaps are used
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blocked resource report

How Blocked Resources Affect a HTTPS Migration

  What are blocked resources?   Blocked resources are files such as CSS, Javascript, or images that are being blocked
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secure vs not secure

Upgrade Insecure Requests

  upgrade-insecure-requests   Upgrade Insecure Requests is a Content Security Policy header that can be used to tell browsers to
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cipher suites handshake

Cipher Suites

  What is a cipher suite? A cipher suite is a set of information that helps to determine how your
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