Content Creation Services

Well-written, strategically optimized content tells your visitors who you are, encourages engagement, and effectively drives organic traffic and conversions to your site.

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Outspoken Media provides the following content creation services:

  • Development, editing, and optimization of content, including:
    • Content briefs. A content brief outlines the strategy for a given piece of content, including which topics to discuss, headers to include, keywords to target, and internal links to incorporate.
    • Informational content. Whether it’s a new page that’s being created or an old page that’s getting improved, we can write, edit, and optimize SEO-friendly blog posts, resource pages, and other forms of informational content.
    • Transactional content. Drive conversions with optimized product copy, descriptions, FAQs, product-specific supporting copy, as well as template-specific recommendations for categories, feeds, shopping aggregators, landing pages, campaigns, homepages, banners, and more.
    • Optimized content design. Ensure all on-page copy elements are optimized effectively to drive performance after launch with recommendations for hi-fi and lo-fi wireframes, mockups, components, navigation, menus, and final designs.
    • Meta data. Our content creation process includes recommendations for keyword-optimized metadata, like, page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.
    • Image text. Prioritize all audiences and expand your reach in organic search by optimizing alt and title text, captions for accessibility, and text in graphics to appear in web results, answer boxes, and image results.
    • Video briefs and shot lists. Ensure your videos are structured and shot with organic reach in mind to increase performance in organic and video search results and in apps.
    • Video descriptions, titles, and metadata. Optimizing your videos with relevant keywords is just as important as content optimization. We can provide metadata, closed captioning, and other copy for your videos to ensure proper indexing and visibility across different search results.
    • Link text. Creating intentional internal linking throughout your site will build page authority, keep your customers engaged, and help Google understand all your on page content.
    • Calls-to-action. A clear CTA informs your customers on what to do next and will increase your overall conversion rate.
    • Location listings. Increase your visibility in local search and provide valuable information to your customers with the help of local listing optimization.
  • Development of documentation, including:
    • Content calendars. A content calendar is created for each content project and is used to outline upcoming content priorities, track deadlines, and store relevant documents and resources.
    • Quality assurance checklists. Brand-specific quality assurance checklists help us ensure that each piece of content follows SEO best practices and meets both brand and legal standards.
    • Editorial guidelines and best practices. We’ll create detailed editorial guidelines that outline important aspects of your brand, including your desired tone of voice, target audience, and citation and editing styles.
    • Workflows and content governance. We’ll clearly outline each step of the content creation process, define roles and responsibilities, and adapt workflows to best accommodate your company’s needs and goals.
    • Branded templates.From presentations and report templates to “how-to” documents, we can create brand-specific documentation that’s actionable and easy to use.
  • Other content creation services, including:
    • Content localization and translations. If you’re in need of multilingual content creation, we can coordinate the translation and localization of your brand’s content into different languages through trusted partner agencies and contractors depending on your preferred languages and regions. (Don’t forget to prepare a solid international SEO strategy and define your hreflang structure! Need help? ↓)

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