Brad Cornelius

Digital PR Manager

Joined the team in 2014.

Prior to becoming the Digital PR Manager, Brad held the following positions at Outspoken Media:

  • SEO Team Lead
  • Marketing Specialist
  • New Business Manager
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Brad Cornelius, Digital PR Manager at Outspoken Media.

What Brad enjoys:

Developing SEO strategy for B2B clients in the technology and legal industries
Improving SEO and Google News performance for publishers and news media
Managing local SEO and Google Business profiles
Analyzing backlink profiles to develop authority assessments for clients’ sites
Conducting competitive analysis to help clients close performance gaps with competitors
Creating Wikipedia assessments and article development strategies
Building analytics plans that allow clients to have an accurate view of site performance

Wants to work with:

  • Marketing and development leaders with deep industry knowledge
  • Small teams as an integrated and trusted extension of that team
  • Longer term engagements and strategies to build lasting results
  • Organizations that positively impact the world, people, and community

Brad's hobbies & interests:

  • Spending time with his family in the outdoors and hiking the Adirondack foothills
  • Playing guitar, writing, and recording music in his home studio
  • Attending open mic nights
  • Skateboarding the neighborhood hills and surfing when visiting his hometown in Florida
  • Volunteer work involving community service and political activism

What the team wants you to know about Brad:

  • “A true subject matter expert who plays an integral role in developing SEO and content strategies across projects.”
  • “Possesses extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects, from content audits to Wikipedia editing.”
  • “Uses his strong analytical skills to uncover key strategic insights and make valuable, data-driven recommendations.”
  • “Gets along well with everyone and fosters trusting, supportive relationships with clients and teammates.”
  • “A patient and reliable teacher who is always willing to assist others or help them understand something.”
  • “Shares top-notch Dad jokes (and is usually the first to catch on to someone else’s pun.)”

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