Get to Know Troy, New York

Outspoken Media is currently based out of Troy. When we tell folks this, we usually get one of two responses:…

Outspoken Media is currently based out of Troy. When we tell folks this, we usually get one of two responses:

  1. Never heard of it. Is that near Rochester?
  2. I’ve driven through Troy on my way to Vermont. Vermont’s beautiful.

So, why Troy?

Outspoken Media is based out of Troy, NY, because this is where two of the original founders settled for a previous, short-lived job. When we decided to form Outspoken Media, Troy’s charm had taken root and we recognized not only an abundance of great coffee shops to fuel our early entrepreneur days, but a thriving tech community and urban lifestyle that made us feel alive. Many have described Troy as a new Brooklyn and we feel the same!

Why are we gushing about Troy? Just check out what this city has to offer–it stole the hearts of two of our team members who moved here from beachfront Florida! We’re hoping others will do the same. Already sold? Great, check out our career opportunities.

Not ready to make the jump, yet? Let’s keep sharing what makes Troy THE PLACE TO BE.

Troy, NY is the home of Uncle Sam.

Yes, Uncle Sam was a real guy. How cool is that?

Troy used to be THE place to live at the turn of the century.

Ok… the 19th century… What this means today is that there are a lot of architecturally stunning, empty browntones, but we’re seeing more and more revitalization happen thanks to the Troy BID, City of Troy, investors and local businesses like Outspoken Media who proudly call the city home. This also means there is a lot of great, cheap office space to grow into with a fun, walkable community and lots of culture. It’s perfect for startups and digital marketing agencies like ours!

Troy is a blossoming part of New York’s Tech Valley.

We’re fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented developers, designers, programmers, analysts, game developers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other marketers. What fuels this? We’re home to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Russell Sage College, so there’s a plethora of brilliant, engaged students falling in love with the area and starting their first ventures here. Across the Hudson there’s also GE, GlobalFoundries, and SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Troy = Coffee, Shops, Troy Night Out, #EnjoyTroy, Food Trucks, and the Farmers Market

Outside of the professional sector, there are amazing local shops, artists, sandwich shops, food trucks and coffee shops within a five minute walk in any direction. Troy is also home to one of the largest, most amazing farmers markets around, which shuts down several blocks every Saturday morning to bring in local, organic, and artisanal goodies. When the weather gets cold, the market moves indoors! The last Friday of every month we also celebrate Troy Night Out and the sense of community is invigorating with galleries, restaurants, food trucks, and shops all open late.

Troy is close to everything!

Putting Troy into perspective, we’re 2.5 hours north of New York City, which is a gorgeous train ride away along the Hudson River and the train has oulets and comfy seats. We find ourselves heading down to the city every couple of months for meetings or conferences. The Albany airport is about 15 minutes from Troy. As long as it isn’t a Monday morning at 6am, we know we can get to the airport about 45 minutes before takeoff and be good to go. Troy is also 2.5 hours south of the Adirondacks, which may be one of the least known and most beautiful national parks in the country. Being equidistant to both the city and breathtaking nature is amazing. And, we’re just a few hours from Boston to the East.

We know Troy isn’t the mecca of Internet marketing, but it has a charm to it that is rare and you can’t beat the cost of living. A modest home in California gets you a mansion and three robots with palm fronds here! Ok, so maybe that part is slightly exaggerated–only one robot with a palm frond, but the point is, we love Troy and we hope you have a chance to visit soon!

Do we have any other locations?

Troy, NY is our primary location, but we welcome skilled, remote team members and are in the process of selecting a second location for a future office. We love Troy, but the area isn’t as densely populated as other municipalities, so we have less talent to choose from and not everyone is willing to relocate to upstate New York even though we live in the best part! We understand this reality and have built our culture, technology, benefits, and process around accommodating exceptional talent regardless of where it’s located.

Keep in mind that we only hire remote for non-managerial and highly skilled professionals who have experience successfully working with remote teams. Sound like you? Please contact us!

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