Rhea Drysdale

CEO and Lead Strategist

Joined the team in 2009.

Prior to becoming the CEO, Rhea held the following positions at Outspoken Media:

  • Interim CEO
  • Cofounder and COO
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Rhea Drysdale, CEO & Lead Strategist at Outspoken Media.

What Rhea enjoys:

Providing thoughtful and effective solutions to solve complex business challenges
Collaborating with diverse teams to achieve goals in line with a strong long-term vision
Developing SEO culture, learning and development, governance, technology, and results for teams
Managing responsible business operations and ensuring strong fiscal performance
Identifying and supporting talent from junior hires to established leaders, driving performance and growth
Continuously learning with a growth mindset focused on attaining positive outcomes
Striving to grow every day as a professional, leader, community member, mother, wife, friend, and family member

Wants to work with:

  • Capable leaders driving the growth of their organizations and teams while contributing to mutual success with ours
  • A diverse client portfolio spanning international to national brands, nonprofits, media and publishers to ethical ecommerce, professional services, energy, education, healthcare, and technology companies
  • SEO managers and strategists, growth marketers, technologists, developers, creatives, copywriters, editors, analysts, data scientists, engineers, and other marketing and PR professionals and partners
  • Smart, long-term partners who are seeking advisors, subcontractors, referrals, and consultants to create innovative and award-winning projects together
  • Individuals who are self-aware, compassionate, dedicated, and curious

Rhea's hobbies & interests:

  • Civic engagement through political campaign support and community organizing
  • Fighting for social and environmental justice through activism and volunteering
  • Spending time with (and then attempting to not spend time with) her kids and dogs
  • Making fun memories with her husband whether getting chased by donkeys after losing car keys in a field or building a family and business together
  • Slowly repairing and renovating her 100-year-old arts and crafts style home
  • Cooking – no recipes, just historic perspective on the ingredients and cultures – using locally sourced food from many surrounding farms or her edible garden

What the team wants you to know about Rhea:

  • “An inspiring teacher, motivator, and leader who is recognized as one of the top SEO experts globally.”
  • “Possesses a wealth of knowledge and offers invaluable strategic insights and perspectives that shape SEO strategies across projects.”
  • “An exceptional problem solver who addresses difficult or complex situations with curiosity and kindness.”
  • “Provides unwavering support to the team and actively encourages a culture of continued learning and growth.”
  • “Adapts her educational approach to different learning styles, ensuring team members and clients receive information in a way that’s clear and actionable.”
  • “Shows appreciation for everyone on the team, taking time to acknowledge their achievements and contributions.”

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