Haley Tyrrell

Lead Account Manager

Joined the team in 2021.

Prior to becoming the Lead Account Manager at Outspoken, Haley worked in full-time positions as an Account Manager and Project Coordinator for a medical marketing and communications company and paid search agency.

Haley previously held the following positions at Outspoken Media:

  • Account Manager
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Haley Tyrrell, Lead Account Manager at Outspoken Media.

What Haley enjoys:

How fast paced and varied her day is
Getting work to clients on time
Ensuring the work her team produces is effective and gets results
Finishing a call early to give everyone space to think on next action items
Longer term projects for content, creative, development, strategy, and reporting
Supporting creative work and the collaborative design process
Internal agency marketing

Wants to work with:

  • People who are respectful so that everyone has a voice
  • Organizations that positively impact the world, people, and their communities
  • Teams that know what they want and need help getting there
  • Under resourced, new, or inexperienced teams who need support and guidance
  • Clients who want to learn and grow in their roles and understanding of SEO and digital
  • Positive mindsets with a focus on problem solving and open communication

Haley's hobbies & interests:

  • Fly fishing in the local creek for Rio Grande cichlids and Guadalupe bass
  • Reading books in a hammock in her backyard often by Alexa Martin and Sarah J Maas
  • Decompressing with reality TV and pop culture
  • Attending concerts and dancing to her favorite bands (Americana genre)
  • Spending time with her husband, daughter, and goldendoodle

What the team wants you to know about Haley:

  • “A great communicator who takes the time to thoroughly understand clients’ needs and goals.”
  • “Leads meetings with warmth, humor, and confidence, and ensures next steps are clear before getting off a call.”
  • “Fosters a welcoming atmosphere and develops positive, collaborative working relationships.”
  • “Proactively ensures that the team has the resources they need to complete a project on time and within budget.”
  • “Collaborates with other Account Managers to develop and expand the Client Services department.”
  • “Deflects praise with humor, but genuinely deserves every word of it.”

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