Pearl Higgins

Pearl Higgins

Director of Client Services

One of the reasons we get up in the morning is to make sure that our clients meet their goals. Pearl Higgins, our director of client services, is the person in charge of making sure we all stay on task to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Pearl is an organizational wizard, and she serves as senior account manager for key accounts and also manages the client services team.

Pearl is a critical part of the Outspoken Media leadership team. She contributes to our overall planning and growth strategy, as well as internal training and educational initiatives. Her passion for brand development drives her thinking about client strategies, leading to forward-thinking, data-driven, user-focused, and actionable digital marketing plans.

“I enjoy the community-building parts of outreach,” she says.“It’s nice to see results and see something be successful.”

Successful outreach can’t happen without good content — and that, says Pearl, means good storytelling. “There’s a lot of terrible content out there,” she says. “With the right client and the right amount of leeway, it’s amazing how much better a product you can produce than what’s online generally.”

Discovering and then piecing together pieces of the puzzle is another of Pearl’s strengths. “I like the act of coordinating all those pieces with the team,” she says, ticking off elements that can range from finding the right design elements and designer to analyzing data. “I like to help the team get things checked off. I like when we’re working as a nice machine.”

When Pearl isn’t working, she runs and reads — everything from the newest YA novels to short stories to her favorite genre — post-apocalyptic novels. Pearl also volunteers and rides at Little Brook Farm, a horse rescue organization based in Chatham, NY. A Massachusetts native, Pearl came to the Capital Region by way of Skidmore College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English. She also has master’s degree in children’s literature from Simmons College.

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