Julia Alsarraf

Lead Full Stack Developer

Joined the team in 2021.

Prior to becoming the Lead Full Stack Developer, Julia held the following positions at Outspoken Media:

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Junior Developer
  • Technical Assistant
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Julia Alsarraf, Lead Full Stack Developer at Outspoken Media.

What Julia enjoys:

Collaborating with motivated and engaged teams to solve unique problems
Forming relationships with clients to support their internal technical SEO knowledge
Contributing to the transformation or growth of a SEO-focused culture
Helping teams use their technology and tools to their fullest potential to achieve results
Working with teams that are excited to learn and implement technical changes
Finding impactful opportunities on a site that have gone unnoticed for a long time
Having a depth of knowledge to pull from across disciplines and channels
Extracting, transforming, loading, and analyzing data
Different perspectives and skill sets to solve complex SEO challenges

Wants to work with:

  • Purpose-driven organizations, particularly nonprofits, cooperatives, and disruptors
  • Teams that value transparency, communication, and alignment on a common goal
  • Doers who like to implement and test strategies, ideas, and recommendations
  • Community-focused groups and organizations who value their work and impact
  • Digital leaders who are excited about growth and eager to explore how to get there

Julia's hobbies & interests:

  • Performing music as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist across bands and genres
  • Engaging with the local community through politics, volunteerism, donations and more
  • Spontaneous indoor and outdoor adventures, such as rock climbing and bowling
  • Spending time with friends, family, and community in her chosen home of Troy, NY

What the team wants you to know about Julia:

  • “An innovative problem-solver who enjoys analyzing challenges and presenting data-informed technical solutions.”
  • “Explains complex technical concepts in a way that’s clear, understandable, and easy to apply and act upon.”
  • “A true team player who supports others and goes out of her way to share useful education and resources.”
  • “Possesses a diverse set of skills and is proficient in full stack development and technical SEO.”
  • “Brings a fun, positive, and naturally curious attitude that fosters an enjoyable and collaborative working environment.”
  • “Picks up new skills quickly and shows a promising future as the head of the Tech team at Outspoken.”

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