Kate Morris

Director of Client Strategies

Kate MorrisKate Morris is the Director of Client Services for Outspoken Media. She comes to us with a wealth of experience in all facets of search marketing. She started in PPC in 2003 and has since explored being in-house, agency, and independent consultant. Kate has worked with clients of all sizes and kinds, from big to small, B2B and B2C, non-profit to Fortune 500.

Kate’s passion is in helping make the internet a better place via websites that are optimized for the best user experience and the bottom line profit for the company running it. Finding that balance is the fun and joy Kate finds in her work.

She has a background in teaching others thorough speaking at major industry conferences, company trainings, company conferences, and online training programs through various universities across the nation.

Kate has her MBA from Texas State University and BBA in Marketing and Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin. She works out of her home in Austin with her fiancee, Dallas, and bengal, Archikneadies.