Janet Reynolds

Senior Strategist

As senior content and outreach strategist, Janet is driven by this overarching idea: building community, specifically building community by storytelling.

In a world of increasing fragmentation, finding ways to connect with people — whether they are potential consumers, partners or fans — grows ever more challenging. People’s attention is being drawn every which way, making it tougher and tougher for companies’ brands to stand out. Stories — telling and sharing them — is one way to make an impression. Stories, whether it’s a blog post or website content, are the glue of connection. They shape information to give it emotional, shareable meaning.

At Outspoken Media, Janet is driven to find creative content solutions for companies seeking to connect. An award-winning former journalist, she creates blogs, write white papers, and writes website and social media content. Her extensive marketing, public relations and news expertise help her do successful outreach for companies interested in better promotion and recognition online. The successful strategies she used as a publisher and executive editor inform her business vision as she works with clients to achieve their goals.

Janet has been telling stories and building community for most of her career. An award-winning former journalist, Janet is an experienced blogger with marketing and public relations experience. She worked for decades in the alternative newspaper business before transitioning into magazines (in print and online). She has also been web editor for an arts and culture magazine, and has worked as a marketing and business consultant with a number of businesses and nonprofits.

Janet is married with three adult children. In her free time, she plays cello in an orchestra, is an avid reader and knitter, and has been known to watch an episode or two of Outlander.

Notable Achievements

  • Multiple New England Press Association Award winner in investigative reporting, education reporting and feature writing
  • Author of the book, Code Blue: The Story of a Community and its Fight for Local Health Care

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