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Let’s talk honestly for a minute—social media is in a really weird place as an industry. Some brands embraced it early and built sophisticated social listening dashboards, teams devoted to monitoring and proactively reaching out to the community, and networked with social media influencers to position their brands as digital trailblazers. Then there’s everyone else…

We’ve offered social media marketing services for years and still get leads daily from established brands looking to understand what this whole social media thing is about. If that’s you, you probably heard about social media marketing years ago from a board member or team member, but were too scared to risk it and your brand too conservative or “boring” perhaps in the B2B industry. After all, not everyone can be Audi during the Super Bowl, right?

Here’s the thing—you don’t have to be Audi, in fact, you shouldn’t be, so lose the guilt and worry. That’s the brilliance of social media, you go where your audience is. If your audience legitimately isn’t on any social media channel, you probably don’t need to be either. If they are, we want to help you discover where and nurture a social media strategy, tools, and tactics that will work for you.

So, stick around and learn more about how to get involved and make social media marketing work for you.

Jan 17

Social Media Storytelling: Tools & Features to Use In 2017

by Leo Martinez

When Instagram Stories launched last year, users were shocked. The immediate reaction on social media was that it was shamelessly
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Feb 5

Behind Audi’s Super Bowl 2013 Blackout Tweet: Interview with Andy White

by Rhea Drysdale

This past Sunday, the Super Bowl aired and, as marketers, we were glued to our TVs to see who would
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Dec 5

The Secret to Social Media Fatigue

by Rhea Drysdale

The secret to “social media fatigue” is that we need to stop calling it that! Seriously. We have “social media
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Nov 6

Better Social Integration for Ultimate UX

by Mackenzie Fogelson

More and more, it’s becoming imperative for companies to provide a unified experience between their website and their social media
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Jul 10

Twitter’s Autocomplete Update and Social ORM

by Danika Atkins

Another network is helping to take the thought work out of search. Twitter recently announced the launch of two new
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Apr 10

Say No to Social Media “Interns”: Why You Have to Pay the Help

by Rohin Guha

Oh, hey! It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by around here. Last time I stepped in to tell you
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Apr 4

5 Advantages Small-Time Bloggers Get…& Lose

by Lisa Barone

I received an email the other day from a blogger just getting started. Actually, she’s been at it for more
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Mar 16

You’re a Brand. WTF Do You “Pin” On Pinterest?

by Lisa Barone

There’s no denying it, Pinterest continues to be the talk of the town. And if you’re a designer or you
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Jan 23

Walking The “Be Human” Line In Social Media

by Lisa Barone

It started innocently enough. My buddy Matt Sullivan read an article on Fast Company about Chobani tickling the taste of
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Jan 12

When Search & Social Act Like Children, Users Lose

by Lisa Barone

Well, it’s official. Google’s succinctly-named Search Plus Your World is live. And right on schedule we have our first real
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Jan 11

To Pinterest, A Love Letter

by Lisa Barone

Anyone who knows me will tell you: I’m completely commitment phobic. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the
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Dec 21

Connecting & Leapin’ With Influencer Overlords

by Lisa Barone

I pulled the 10 Lords A’Leapin card. Fitting. So let’s talk about leaping for a moment, shall we? Social leaping.
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