Twitter’s Autocomplete Update and Social ORM


Online Reputation ManagementAnother network is helping to take the thought work out of search. Twitter recently announced the launch of two new features: Autocomplete and ‘People You Follow’ search results. In his post on the Twitter blog, Frost Li discusses the benefits to users, including spelling corrections, related search suggestions, real-name search for Twitter handles, and follower-only results.

Autocomplete is nothing new in the world of search. Since Google’s post-beta launch of ‘Google Suggest’/Autocomplete in 2008, enhanced features such as personalization and predictive search have become an expected part of the user experience. But in terms of online reputation management, suggested search on social networks can present several unique opportunities and challenges for businesses. Here are a few things you can do today to prepare, protect, and promote your brand through Twitter in light of the autocomplete update:

  1. Claim your Twitter account – Basic, but necessary. Don’t worry about jumping into the deep end with a social media marketing strategy. But make sure your company-controlled account is available in suggested results when users search for your brand name. Start small. Start today.

  2. Monitor suggested search results for your brand – While the feature seems to only be useful for big brands at the moment, we suspect related search will be a more useful feature as the algorithm becomes more sophisticated. Monitoring suggested search results may help you gauge sentiment and understand the neighborhood of topics where your brand is mentioned. Simply search for your brand, and related search terms will display above search results.

  3. Follow the experts – Twitter has always been a great tool for monitoring conversations happening within your industry. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the follow-as-many-people-as-possible frenzy with the goal of accumulating more followers. While building up a follower base is important, make sure the accounts you follow tweet quality information on a regular basis.

    Following high-quality accounts will allow you to get the most out of the The ‘People You Follow’ search filter so you can easily search conversations in your industry for relevant keywords and get the best results. Once you know what the experts are talking about, you can adjust your messaging on Twitter to be more relevant to what’s happening in your industry.

Personalization in social media can create more engagement, click-throughs, and interactions with brands. However, without taking the proper steps to follow quality accounts and position yourself as an authority in your space, you may not enjoy the benefits of personalized social search. It may be worth taking a look at your follower list today. I hope we make the cut. ;)

Your Comments

  • Scott Golembiewski

    Hi Danika,

    It’s great to see Twitter putting some emphasis into search! When they used to be integrated into Google search I would always use the “Latest” filter to see who was recently discussing something I wanted to find out about.

    If you search for something like a problem with a wordpress plugin and you see results or even an active conversation you can quickly find out if anything recently changed on the topic vs. old forum posts from years ago that aren’t very helpful today.

    The other benefit is possibly even joining a conversation in realtime about a topic, so I am definitely going to try putting some searches through Twitter and see what comes back.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    What’s so great about Twitter is the real time information. A search feature like this is great from a user perspective. As you point out, companies are going to need to keep an eye on what kind of search terms are suggested for their brand name. This can give important insights regarding how the brand is perceived.

  • Stefan Jordev

    Believe it or not, some of these features were about 4-5 months late for my twitter account. :(