The Secret to Social Media Fatigue

by on 12/05/2012 • 7 Comments | Social Media

The secret to “social media fatigue” is that we need to stop calling it that! Seriously. We have “social media fear” or “social media disappointment,” but we are not fatigued. Very few of us use social media to the point that we are so mentally and physically exhausted that we can’t go on. I get …Read More

Better Social Integration for Ultimate UX

by on 11/06/2012 • 2 Comments | Social Media

More and more, it’s becoming imperative for companies to provide a unified experience between their website and their social media outlets. With the never ending changes in Google’s algorithms and the mass exodus from building links to earning links, internet marketing is moving in full force toward a value packed experience for the customer, and …Read More

Twitter’s Autocomplete Update and Social ORM

by on 07/10/2012 • 3 Comments | Social Media

Another network is helping to take the thought work out of search. Twitter recently announced the launch of two new features: Autocomplete and ‘People You Follow’ search results. In his post on the Twitter blog, Frost Li discusses the benefits to users, including spelling corrections, related search suggestions, real-name search for Twitter handles, and follower-only …Read More

When Search & Social Act Like Children, Users Lose

by on 01/12/2012 • 7 Comments | Social Media

Well, it’s official. Google’s succinctly-named Search Plus Your World is live. And right on schedule we have our first real Internet cat fight of 2012. Huzzah! Here’s a score card of what’s gone down in case you were sleeping. Or…working. Google launched it’s, um, search enhancement Search Plus Your World and put “your personal content …Read More

To Pinterest, A Love Letter

by on 01/11/2012 • 28 Comments | Social Media

Anyone who knows me will tell you: I’m completely commitment phobic. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of emerging social media networks. I cringe whenever a new one is released because I simply Can’t. Handle. Another. I’m on Twitter, I’m on Facebook – what else do I need? But every now …Read More