Clients: Ask the Wrong Questions, They Do

by on 02/15/2013 • 16 Comments | SEO

Sometimes we care about the wrong things, especially when it comes to an SEO audit, or link building. We’ve trusted the wrong company and been burned, or heard enough war stories that we’re super cautious about who we’re going to get into bed with for our search marketing needs. How do you find an SEO …Read More

The Woman’s Guide to Having it All

by on 02/08/2013 • 11 Comments | Announcements

A better title would be, “Outspoken Media’s Winter/Spring 2013 Speaking Schedule,” but I decided to do more with this after reading aimClear’s recent study on gender diversity among SEO industry conferences. The question of female speakers and gender diversity within the SEO industry has always been a hot topic. Even among women it’s been widely …Read More

Do Judge a Book (or Site) by Its Cover

by on 01/07/2013 • 12 Comments | Online Marketing

You’re working on your New Year’s Resolutions, right? Run every day, talk more to distant friends, and stop eating cake for breakfast, right? Let me suggest a small addition to your ever growing list: use good judgment. It may seem obvious, but in our industry good judgment can mean the difference between success and failure …Read More

The New SEO Glossary: Say Goodbye to Link Condoms & Juice

by on 12/12/2012 • 48 Comments | SEO

The SEO industry is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and industry-wide inside jokes. There are other publications that have extensively covered what SEO industry jargon means and how to interpret it–that isn’t my goal here. The elephant in the room for any SEO firm or individual consultant is that SEO has a massive reputation problem. The …Read More

How to Build Agency & Client Trust

by on 12/10/2012 • 2 Comments | Online Marketing

As search marketers, building trust and relationships should be second nature, it’s vital to what we do for our clients. Maintaining expectations, effectively promoting brands, and finding new avenues to drive qualified traffic are all dependent on trust. However, building trust is a two-way street and in the past clients often had to take a …Read More

The Secret to Social Media Fatigue

by on 12/05/2012 • 7 Comments | Social Media

The secret to “social media fatigue” is that we need to stop calling it that! Seriously. We have “social media fear” or “social media disappointment,” but we are not fatigued. Very few of us use social media to the point that we are so mentally and physically exhausted that we can’t go on. I get …Read More