A Guest Post on the Death of Guest Posting

by on 01/21/2014 • 29 Comments | SEO

If you haven’t heard yet, Matt Cutts just issued a decree that guest blogging is done, essentially killing another popular SEO tactic. Consider this my official guest post on the demise of guest posting. Yes, this also makes me part of the reason why (as Matt says) we can’t have nice things in the SEO …Read More

Google Wants You to Out Good Sites. Really!

by on 08/29/2013 • 9 Comments | SEO

Yesterday, Google’s Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, shared a link to a simple Docs survey where they’re asking webmasters to report high-quality small sites that you think should rank better. Yes, you heard that right. They want to know about GOOD sites! If there's a small website that you think should be doing better …Read More

Clients: Ask the Wrong Questions, They Do

by on 02/15/2013 • 16 Comments | SEO

Sometimes we care about the wrong things, especially when it comes to an SEO audit, or link building. We’ve trusted the wrong company and been burned, or heard enough war stories that we’re super cautious about who we’re going to get into bed with for our search marketing needs. How do you find an SEO …Read More

The New SEO Glossary: Say Goodbye to Link Condoms & Juice

by on 12/12/2012 • 48 Comments | SEO

The SEO industry is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and industry-wide inside jokes. There are other publications that have extensively covered what SEO industry jargon means and how to interpret it–that isn’t my goal here. The elephant in the room for any SEO firm or individual consultant is that SEO has a massive reputation problem. The …Read More

3 Common Roadblocks to “RCS”

by on 11/27/2012 • 9 Comments | SEO

Due to Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, SEOs shifted their focus from traditional link-building schemes to more robust content-based search strategies. While there was a bit of industry turmoil directly following those major updates, the industry pulled through as strong as ever due to the insight, creativity, and resourcefulness of its members. Wil Reynolds was …Read More

(Link)Build a Relationship in 15 Minutes a Day

by on 11/16/2012 • 16 Comments | SEO

Perhaps the newest buzzword in SEO is “relationship building.” It’s not about link building anymore-it’s about the relationship. And while I don’t disagree, it is very easy to start tab jumping or fall into Twitter and not accomplish what you wanted to in the first place: getting this person’s attention. While there are numerous industry …Read More

Does Your Board of Directors Get SEO?

by on 11/14/2012 • 6 Comments | SEO

Recently, I joined my first Board of Directors at Vanderheyden, a New York family services organization, and I was faced with the massive question of–what’s my role?! I knew that the organization needed help with social media and their web presence, but while pouring over meeting minutes on compliance, new client intake, real estate, budgets …Read More

Wait, why are you measuring that?

by on 09/18/2012 • 10 Comments | SEO

Ryan Jones is a wicked smart SEO who works with SapientNitro and rants on his personal blog (dotCult) about all things SEO, Penguin, and analytics. He’s one of the most “outspoken” marketers we know and Rhea will be moderating a panel with Ryan at the upcoming SMX East conference, October 2nd-4th in Manhattan. We hope …Read More