You Can’t Take The Personal Out Of Blogging

by on 02/08/2010 • 32 Comments | Blogging

While many of us were watching Michael Arrington throw a 17-year-old under the bus this weekend, another story spread through the blogosphere worthy of some attention and discussion.  The SageCircle Blog reported that Forrester management had put a ban on personally-branded research blogs, stating that anyone with a personally-branded blog ( think Web Strategy with …Read More

Terror In the Blogosphere: I Haz No Blog Topic!

by on 01/05/2010 • 12 Comments | Blogging

While we all promise that we’re going to adopt editorial calendars to keep us on a healthy schedule of blogging, sometimes we fail. I mean, if coming up with blog topics to schedule were so easy, we wouldn’t really need the editorial calendar in the first place, right? We’d always just naturally have THE perfect …Read More

How to Woo a Blogger (and get coverage)

by on 12/15/2009 • 49 Comments | Blogging

Not unlike many others in my line of work, I get a lot of pitches. Lots of emails from people who think it would be AWESOME if I covered their new product release, their new tool, the birth of their first child, or maybe even mention their stagnant blog. Trouble is that most of the …Read More

20 Searches I’m Thankful For

by on 11/25/2009 • 15 Comments | Blogging

It’s almost Thanksgiving, the one day all year where we make a strong effort to stop the bitching and reflect on the blessings that were bestowed upon up this year. Though it hasn’t quite wrapped, 2009 has been one hell of a year for me personally. It’s the year Outspoken was born, the year I …Read More

Don’t Watch Your Language. Use it.

by on 11/06/2009 • 17 Comments | Blogging

I had a different post all written and scheduled for today. But then my girl Virginia Nussey had to go getting all “controversial” over at the Bruce Clay blog. So plans changed. Blame her. Also blame the brownies I had for breakfast. And the ones I had for dinner. I’m so ashamed. Over at Bruce …Read More

You Haz No Blog Comments? Here’s the Fix!

by on 10/23/2009 • 33 Comments | Blogging

Blog comments are one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Nothing beats the rush I get watching my inbox fill up after I published a new post. I’m sure nonbloggers find satisfaction from other things like “human contact” and “socializing” and “beer”, but we don’t need any of that! Just engaged readers. Blog comments aren’t all …Read More

Why Blog Titles Are Like Your In-laws

by on 10/01/2009 • 12 Comments | Blogging

Blog titles are like in-laws – you have to act like you give a shit. Even if you don’t. There’s a skill to writing blog titles and headline because Titles Change Everything. Your headline determines whether people make it to the first line of content. It determines how many links you’ll get. It determines whether …Read More

Quick & Painless Content Ideas For Your Site

by on 09/29/2009 • 5 Comments | Blogging

Writing content sucks. There, I said it. And as someone who spends her entire day writing content, I feel your pain. Content creation isn’t always fun. In fact, it’s hard even if you are the type of person who enjoys showing off via words and sentences (holla!). But its important. It’s what breeds rankings, links, …Read More

Why Outspoken Blogs & You Maybe Should

by on 09/18/2009 • 12 Comments | Blogging

Blogging has become a favorite marketing strategy for many over the past few years. It’s given companies a voice, it breeds authority and before Twitter came, it even delivered a whole lot of links. No one can deny that the social media boom and birth of Twitter have changed the way people blog. But has …Read More