• If you haven’t heard yet, Matt Cutts just issued a decree that guest blogging is done, essentially killing another popular SEO tactic.

    Consider this my official guest post on the demise of guest posting. Yes, this also makes me part of the reason why (as Matt says) we can’t have nice things in the SEO community.

    Guest blogging is a tactic, not strategy

    Guest Blogging Strategy
    Let’s start off with the word “tactic.” I chose that word on purpose. We’ve all seen the plethora of “guest blogging strategy” posts and articles. I want to make one thing clear–guest posting is not a strategy. It’s a tactic. There’s a difference.

  • Ever wonder how most of the industry stumbled into this field? I certainly have, because I’m always looking for exceptional team members and scaling digital marketing education in a small agency is one of the biggest challenges I face as a business owner.

    Wonder no longer–I surveyed the industry and we had a fantastic response!


  • smx-east-2013It’s always bittersweet to make it to the last day of a conference, and today was no exception. Outspoken Media has two interviews going live today, so keep your eyes peeled for Casie Gillette’s interview with actionable tips from Content: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. We interviewed Manny Rivas earlier this week, which was really a bonus, since he spoke on Pro-level Tips For Succeeding At Retargeting on Tuesday, and he was on the fantastic YouTube panel this morning. YouTube takeaways are below, and it’s no surprise that the panel—Greg Finn of Cyprus North Moderating, Matt Siltala of Avalaunch Media, Purna Virji of Stroll, and Manny Rivas of aimClear–brought it.


  • smx-east-2013It’s the last day of SMX East, and the much anticipated conversation panel on “Content: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” is just wrapping up. It was a killer lineup: Jenny Halasz, the president of Archology, Arnie Kuenn, president of Vertical Measures, Andrew Melchior, the VP and Founder of Avalaunch Media, Dan Shure Owner Evolving SEO, and Casie Gillette, the Director of Online Marketing for KoMarketing Associates. We’ve got a few takeaways below from all of the panelists, but we were also lucky enough to steal a few minutes of Casie Gillete’s time earlier this week to talk content one-on-one.

  • smx-east-2013It’s day two at SMX East, and after a hearty breakfast, and a killer keynote from Richard Alfonsi of Twitter, we were off to Must Have Local Search Tactics. After spending some time in one of the warmer rooms yesterday, we are happy to report that the Local and Retail Track Room was comfortably chilly. If you missed our interview with Ted Ives yesterday, you’ll want to check it out, and read up on “Life Beyond Google” tactics.

    The local panel had some real powerhouses: Matt McGee of Search Engine Land Moderating, David Mihm of Moz, Chris Silver Smith of Argent Media, and Dana DiTomaso, the CEO of Kick Point Inc. We’ve got some fantastic local marketing takeaways from the session below, and we were able to catch up with Dana before SMX.

  • smx-east-2013-meet-greetIt’s the first day of SMX East!

    Rhea and I arrived yesterday after a gorgeous train ride down from Troy with the Hudson River ablaze in Fall colors. Then we hit the heat wave that is Manhattan and we’re ready to peel off layers in the conference rooms. A little heat won’t stop us from bringing you several in-depth interviews with some of the most compelling speakers SMX (and the industry) has to offer. If you missed it, check out our initial interview with the amazing Akvile Harlow of Third Door Media. Now let’s kick things off with our friend, Ted Ives.

    With the search landscape ever changing, and the recent announcement that Google is moving to 100% secure search, creating a not-provided world for internet marketers everywhere, sitting in on Life Beyond Google: Diversifying your Digital Marketing seemed a natural choice.  Matt McGee moderated, Matt Ballek from Magnet Media, Brandon Hassler from 97th Floor, and Ted Ives the Principal behind Coconut Headphones all presented, each suggested actionable ways to approach diversifying your marketing strategies. We have a few takeaways below, but we also had a chance to interview Ted earlier this week about broadening your marketing focus.

  • smx-eastWe made an announcement last week about what conferences we’ll be attending this fall. You may have noticed that in addition to attending SMX East, we’re doing coverage again this year.

    SMX East is known for the quality of its speakers and the depth of content in the sessions. During the conference we’ll be taking that a step further and digging into hot industry topics and recent search trends with a few industry leaders. We’re always experimenting with new coverage formats, and this year we’re presenting our look behind the scenes as an interview series.

  • Where are you headed this fall? If you’re anything like the Outspoken Media team, you’re eagerly anticipating Pubcon, SMX East and other events that are fast approaching.


    First things first: September 25th is the iAcquire meetup in NYC, where Rhea will talk about scaling digital processes. She’ll be speaking alongside Joe Griffin, Chris Le and Cindy Nieves Boynton. Check out an interview with the speakers and preview below.


  • Yesterday, Google’s Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, shared a link to a simple Docs survey where they’re asking webmasters to report high-quality small sites that you think should rank better. Yes, you heard that right. They want to know about GOOD sites!


  • Hi there! Long time, no blog. It’s been months since you heard from Outspoken Media and for that I apologize, but not profusely because sometimes there are moments when you have to take a step back or in our case, a step forward.

    While we were away from the blog, we were very much present within the company itself. In the past year, we managed to accomplish a lot—new brand, new website, new office, new team members, and most important (to me)—a new human!

    Meet William “Liam” Cornelius:

    Liam Cornelius