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School of Rock Names Outspoken Media as SEO Agency

December 7, 2017
By Rhea Drysdale in Announcements

December 7, 2017 – Troy, NY

School of Rock, a leader in performance-based music education, announced today their partnership with Troy, NY-based Outspoken Media as their SEO agency. This relationship will kick off the redesign and development of new national and franchise websites as well as ongoing digital acquisition and content marketing.

School of Rock is passionate about creating a legacy of music for the future by helping kids succeed in music and beyond. Outspoken Media CEO Rhea Drysdale said, “we’re excited to connect more kids and adults with School of Rock’s successful approach to music education. By performing music live, you experience confidence and gain benefits that will last a lifetime.”

The Outspoken Media team will craft creative and innovative SEO and content solutions that connect with School of Rock’s audiences and franchisees.

According to School of Rock CEO Rob Price, “Outspoken Media truly appreciates the importance of our mission to move beyond the traditional Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Voice lesson. Through more methodical SEO, we will help new students find their local School of Rock location and advance content that conveys what is so special about our unique music franchise.”

Outspoken Media will work closely with School of Rock and their web design agency, Metajive, during the redesign, development and launch of the website. After launch, Outspoken Media will continue to oversee the brand’s SEO and content marketing strategy to drive more organic traffic, leads and enrollments for all franchise locations.

The new https://www.schoolofrock.com site will launch in the first half of 2018.

About Outspoken Media
Since 2009 Outspoken Media has been building loyal audiences for great organizations. Having worked with Fortune 100s, e-commerce companies, publishers, professional services, B2B, education and healthcare companies, Outspoken Media works closely with in-house teams to develop custom solutions to their most challenging SEO, content and reputation marketing opportunities.

To learn more about Outspoken Media’s SEO consulting services, visit https://www.outspokenmedia.com/services/search-engine-optimization/ or contact Outspoken Media at https://www.outspokenmedia.com/contact/ or info@outspokenmedia.com.

About School of Rock
School of Rock helps aspiring musicians master skills, unleash creativity and develop tools they need to thrive in life. Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, PA in 1998, School of Rock has become a rapidly growing international franchise operating over 200 schools in ten global markets. Since 2009, School of Rock has grown its student count from 4,000 to over 25,000. School of Rock has proudly been ranked among children’s franchises as the No. 1 Child Enrichment Program by Entrepreneur magazine in 2017.

For more information on School of Rock visit https://www.schoolofrock.com or call 866-695-5515. To learn more about School of Rock franchise opportunities or music lessons, visit https://www.schoolofrock.com/music-lessons or https://franchising.schoolofrock.com.


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