The Power of The Unexpected


Those of you who find me a bit wordy (looking at you, Whalen) are going to get a break today. I was struggling for an idea for a post all morning. Frustratingly struggling, in fact. I even called some people to vent about it. And then I came across the video embedded below via Twitter.

Watch it. You might cry. You may get up and dance. You may break into instantaneous giggle fits. You may even be slightly horrified. But while you’re watching and tapping your feet, notice the look in the attendees’ eyes. Hear their laughs. Look at the faces of the bride and everyone else involved.  Feel what’s happening in that room.

That’s what happens when you do something people aren’t expecting. When you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of it all. When you finally stop taking yourself so seriously. When you embrace the moment, remember what life used to feel like and go for it.

Your customers will probably expect you to act a certain way today. The same old greetings, the same service, the same old promises, etc. Maybe today you should surprise them. Answer the phone differently. Offer them something extra.  Show them another side of you. Let yourself get carried away and swept up.

Most people wouldn’t expect me to post such a short post. What do people expect you NOT to do? Prove them wrong and surprise them into smiles.

[Thanks to Kasia Fink and Kate Morris for tweeting the link to the video and for making me smile to the point of tears.]

Your Comments

  • Xander

    Amazing. This will be an internet meme, for sure.

  • James

    That was all kinds of awesome, and the video was pretty cool too.

    Although, if you really wanted to do something unexpected, you could have turned off the comments on this post – *cringes*…too soon?

  • Anthony Verre

    I think I have a perma-grin. What a great way to point out something that most of take for granted everyday: Life and spontaneity. Well done, Lisa.

  • Lisa Barone

    James: [beats you in the face with a dead fish] ;)

  • Kristina

    I love this post Lisa! Thank you so much for the reminder and the smile.

  • Rebecca Kelley

    The lady marrying them probably brought the energy down to a screeching halt once she started doing her rambly wedding spiel.

  • Melanie Nathan

    Wow. That’s awesome! I truly admire people who aren’t afraid to break the mold. It inspires me to take action and do the unexpected more often…. no matter how strongly my comfort zone may disagree :)

  • Lauren (@beebow)

    Lisa, this was honest, touching, and quite a refreshing change of pace. You did us all a service by sharing this video and your thoughtful two cents.

  • Tom Martin

    Perfect post. Just what the doc ordered today. I can only say, totally agree, great points all around and man, can you imagine what that reception must have been like???

  • Bill Nixon

    My friend sent me your link because I film weddings for a living. I absolutely LOVE this entrance. In over 300 weddings filmed, I have never seen anything like this at all. Fantastic! It made me completely warm inside to know that this couple started their lives laughing, smiling, being themselves and celebrating their marriage! Thank you for sharing.

  • Johanna Sardinha

    Great video to illustrate “the power of the unexpected”!

  • Rob

    Nice one. See what writer’s block can produce sometimes? Desperation leads to inspiration.

  • Tim Staines

    Loved it! That must have taken forever to coordinate. Nice example of taking a risk and being rewarded too! You never know how something like that is going to play out until the real thing is happening.

  • Ryan Beale

    UNREAL! That just made my day.

  • SGuyot

    Can’t stop smiling, Thanks !!

  • Nathan Hangen

    Love it, my wife and I both just watched it twice…what a great way to start a marriage off.

  • Kae Kohl

    What a great thing to share. I’m going to keep that handy for the next day that really needs a shot of something joyous. I’m sure not everyone going up that aisle was totally in their comfort zone…but they did it ANYWAY, and made something unique and memorable as a result. Therein, our lesson. Thanks for the gift! Time to give it with others.

  • Trin

    I would like the happy couple many, many years of happiness… thanks for sharing…

  • Darryl

    last time I answered the phone differently, I got written up. ;)

    Brilliant entrance though. I definitely appreciate it.

  • Wine Chick

    I absolutely love what you’ve written and that video made my day! Thank you for reposting this video and having such great commentary.

  • Vic

    Thanks, you just made my day! It was wonderful to watch people being happy. Props to the bride, groom, their family and friends.

  • Barry

    I just had to leave a comment. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I cried from start to finish. You already have the best in life. Congratulations.

  • William

    This just proves the fact where are our country is headed! DOWN! This is different? O Yea, well just thank when you look back at your great day. The one day you will always look back upon. It was like a party! Like any party seen! There is nothing to look back at. Fast and fun, yea fast and fun. That is where our culture is headed in America! Fast fast fast! A spiral downward. A wedding should be about where we all stop thank enjoy a peaceful moment of two people bonding and a taking vow of comment. Cause you see folks, its really only those slow quite heartfelt emotion moments that we remember! But I bet, none of you even got that!

  • Genevieve Branco

    Fun video, and a very cute tie in to reality. Thanks.

  • Dion

    Randomly unexpected things that make people smile on their usually boring routine.

  • TexasPatriot

    I love this.

  • Sean Bowman

    Outstanding. You could feel the energy in the room. They turned a traditional processional into an event the entire audience could be a part of, and really set the stage for what I’m sure was a joyous day of celebration. A truly memorable way to begin a one of life’s greatest adventures together.

    Way to think outside the box.

  • Amy

    ” 26 William 07/23/2009 at 12:40 AM
    This just proves the fact where are our country is headed! DOWN! This is different? O Yea, well just thank when you look back at your great day. The one day you will always look back upon. It was like a party! Like any party seen! There is nothing to look back at. Fast and fun, yea fast and fun. That is where our culture is headed in America! Fast fast fast! A spiral downward. A wedding should be about where we all stop thank enjoy a peaceful moment of two people bonding and a taking vow of comment. Cause you see folks, its really only those slow quite heartfelt emotion moments that we remember! But I bet, none of you even got that!”

    SERIOUSLY WILLIAM GET A LIFE!!! You can’t even spell properly for starters and it’s people like you that are the reason this world is crumbling – small-minded, opinionated and rude!

    Each to their own I say – a wedding day should be about two people celebrating their love and commitment to each other in whichever way they want because it’s a day about THEM and nobody else.

    I personally think that video and that wedding was absolutely inspiring and amazing – how could anyone not smile when they watched that? Happiness and love are wonderful things :)

    Thank you Lisa for sharing! I for one will be spreading the joy of the unexpected by forwarding this to all my friends, colleagues and family members :)

  • Darren Shaw

    Wow. Love it. Just imagine how awesome the dance party at the reception would have been!

  • Steph

    I william, no fun, don’t wanta laugh no mo….no fun, quite moment, DOWN DOWN DOWN going, feeling down…….America, don’t have to many laugh seriously….

  • Jay

    Wow. That was so cool.

  • Mark

    I really hope William was being sarcastic…

  • Alex

    At first I thought WTF… Then I realized, lord this is great really amazing, and I wish people could sometimes get out of their dark gray suite and enjoy life… I wish I could see this in live…

  • Aaron

    @ William:

    Down? This shows that our country is headed down? Have you actually read a newspaper, watched a news show, or browsed a current times forum lately? If this shows our country is headed down then you have no clue. Also, what country are you talking about? The video never defined a country of origin. Based on your comment I believe that you are assuming the is the USA; you could be wrong.
    How does this video present this wedding as nothing to look back on? That may be true for you; you may never remember this video. However, this was not created for you. This was made for those involved. I would wager that those that it was made for will certainly remember it; and remember it well.
    “Fast fast fast” is not always bad. Nor is this indicative of a “spiral downward”. A wedding is about two people publicly declaring their love and commitment for each other. Who are you to determine the method of that declaration?
    Those “slow (I will correct your spelling here) quiet heartfelt moments” are indeed what we remember. But those words most likely are defined quite differently by us all. We got that; however, what you did not get was the meaning of this video.

    Open you eyes – embrace something new. You will be better for the trouble.


  • Arnie

    It was very funny like your blog which has nothing to see. Actually what happened for the first time when i came to know about your blog i tried to see it, when i reached there i got a giggle fit. This was not something i was expecting. Do you like to do things differently?

  • Warren

    I’m don’t know whether to smile or cry. That was amazing but I happened to just get engaged this weekend and can’t help but feel that after watching this I’ll only be able to see my wedding day as the most amazing day in my life and not the most amazing wedding. Never Cool :-/

  • Shashi Kapoor

    @William…? Are you serious?!

    Fantastic video, who’d have thought of imbuing a wedding with the power of dance(!) I was just imagining a scenario where something like this gets planned but only 1 guy goes through with it. The cringeworthiness would be on par with the hilarity/awesomeness of this. Kudos to them for pulling it off.

  • Who peed in William's cereal?


    You don’t have many friends do you?

    Get a life.

  • matt

    FAKE FAKE FAKE somthingtells me this a stunt after that other dancing wedding video on you tube scored high I’m telling the people who do socail media would sell there own mothers to get a hit they are the junkies of the internet

  • Just Me

    I have no idea why but I was in tears by the end of it. I loved it! They all looked like they were having a great time, which is what a wedding is all about.

  • Better William than that other guy

    WOW! That was awesome! I don’t even like that sorta autotune music normally, BUT it was perfect, and I loved it for those few minutes that I watched the opening of what would seem to be the beginning of a really fun and wonderful life for you two! BIG kudos to you, and everyone involved with that! Mazal Tov, Cent’anni, and all that stuff :)

    I have some friends who entered the reception hall after their wedding to the “Laverne and Shirley” theme (We’re gonna do it, our way, yes our way) and we all thought that was pretty cool….Original is best! :D

  • Daryn St. Pierre

    I’ve been up since 4am cleaning after my cat puked all over my bed and carpet, and I’m at work 2 hours early because I couldn’t sleep. This made my morning a little brighter.

    and @William – Way to be a downer. If I were to go to that wedding as opposed to 20 other traditional weddings, that one would be the one I would remember. Fun is fun regardless of whether it’s fast or slow. As long as you’re spending it with someone you love, then it’s worthwhile either way. Besides, time is always fleeting. You remember your childhood like it was yesterday and yet it could be 20, 30 or even 40 years ago—and yet it flew by, just like that. This wedding will now be remembered by 100’s or maybe even 1,000’s of people because they were willing to share it. Now the fun they had will be felt across nations, as opposed to within that church; and span across years, as opposed to a few hours.

  • Mark

    Excellent! Placed your link on my facebook to share with my friends and family. We do have to step outside of the box. These wonderful people made my day. Thanks much.

  • Team Nirvana

    That was ridiculously awesome.

    Never thought what’s gonna come next. I left myself to be immersed in the video rather than thinking of what’s gonna happen.

    Element of surprise surely gets a thumbs up.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Lorraine

    Thanks for sharing this moving video. Fantastic illustration of the “power of the unexpected.”

    I think this wedding provides a number of additional lessons for marketers:

    Authenticity: This couple wanted to express joy on their special day in their own unique way–and they were unafraid to do so.

    Work ethic: While seemingly spontaneous, the performance required concepting, planning, coordination and lots of practice/rehearsal time.

    Team work: The dance-entrance never would have worked without buy-in from all parties.

    Audience-focus: The joy and care put into this entrance created a gift that embraced and included all guests who will never forget the wedding and their part as co-celebrants.

  • HilaryJ

    Imagine the reception!!

  • Matt Cheuvront

    I LOVE this! Why? Because it is totally unexpected. Everyone has no idea what’s going on but totally gets into it – it’s happiness and joy in the most pure form. Thank you for sharing Lisa. Made my day (and it’s only 8am).

  • Jack Leblond

    Pretty cool. No dancing at my wedding, but I did have @KateMorris and @JenWojcik humming the wedding march while @Sherlyn21 & walked down the isle. Good times!

  • Nancy

    I loved this. My fiance and I sent out wedding invitations that included a picture of us in mock wedding clothes and Groucho glasses. Though some didn’t understand the humor, it was fun to look around at our wedding reception to see how many guests showed up wearing their own Groucho glasses … including the groom’s grandmother.

  • Jenn

    This is awesome! Haha I loved it!

  • Nick

    I believe you have hit the nail on the head here Lisa. Humor and the unexpected are perfect.

    A small anecdote for you, i make alot of calls to Dell for my job in IT repairing computers, and when they always ask “is there anything else” i always respond “The winning lottery numbers for Michigan would be nice” Most giggle, some have a funny comeback, other are stumped and ask me to repeat it. but i know once i hang up that phone, they still giggle about it for at least a little bit.

    Just my odd humor infecting the world one call at a time.

  • Jay

    I found this through a friend’s profile on Facebook. This is hysterical. I can’t stop laughing. Simply awesome!

  • BBT

    awesome! I loved it! :) :) :)

  • Bridget

    This was the perfect thing to get me in a good mood this morning, I’m still laughing. Thanks… :)

  • Dave

    This is awesome. When my wife and I were married, all the groom’s party donned Groucho glasses while she was walking down the aisle. Amazingly enough, NO ONE saw it, and it never made it into the wedding video – she was so stunning, all eyes were on her.

    And of course, she was so nervous, she never saw them either.

  • Chintan

    Well Done… I feel like dancing too now ;)

  • Xander

    Speaking of the unexpected… Check out this weedding first dance video..

  • Miss Attitude

    I love it! This is hysterical.. especially in the beginning. Never seen a wedding quite like it. It’s great to see a bride enjoy herself because so many seem so stressed out!

    BTW, when I have writer’s block it never turns out this funny ;-)

  • Yoda

    I really thought this was cheesy as it started out…but I kept watching and then realized I was smiling. Then I realized I had tears in my eyes. I’m a man. I don’t really cry. I don’t get all emotional. So don’t tell any of my manly man friends.

    This was really awesome. :)

  • Yoda

    Leave William alone! He’s having a bad day! *pats William on the head*

    Be good Willy!

  • Lisa K.

    This was great.
    and i DID cry. =)

  • John Doe

    I wonder when they’ll get divorced.

  • sarah jean

    i thought it was horrible and that the bride and groom already regret that, the bride looked forced into it, i feel sorry for them

  • Lisa Barone

    Sarah Jean: I totally agree. The bride looked totally forced. I mean, did you SEE that huge smile on her face? She looked miserable. Poor thing.

  • Alison

    Now *that* was an entrance!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Keith

    Great post. I hope the couple have a wonderful life together, but Is everyone oblivious to the irony that this song is being sung by …Chris Brown???

  • Matt

    I cried! God, did I cry. These people made absolute fools of themselves. I saw nothing humorous or unexpected here. Allegedly funny/wacky/cute wedding moments and first dances have become popular recently so they are expected. I’m sure it was fun for them, for surely anyone who would willingly do something so lame and ridiculous lacks the sense to be embarrassed. As long as they had a good time, good for them.

  • Concerned Artist

    Did you pay the music right holder (Chris Brown?) for using the song in a public venue?

  • Pandu

    That’s a stunning performance, the video has changed my mood, I am so energetic and fresh now. Keep rocking with these kind of ideas and keep us posted too. :)

  • Mark99

    What an indescribably wonderful way to start a life together. Look at the smiles, on literally everyone — everyone you see is relaxed and exuberant. That NEVER happens. I’m with those reporting tears at the end.

    William – we can only hope you’ll grow out of your scowl before *you* get married.

  • Brian

    this made me smile =D

  • Adam

    That is the most ridiculous piece of crap I have ever seen in my life. I hope they all die. What better tune to pick than that of a wife beater (Chris Brown) … retards.

  • Marc

    We would all enjoy our lives more if we made “fools” of ourselves more often…

  • Charlie

    Funny but nothing wrong with pomp and circumstance.

  • Sam G. Daniel

    That was amazing. I’ve seen weddings where the bridal party does a dance number for their reception but never to come down the aisle. Have to give it to them for following their heart and doing their own things.

    Everyone will remember this wedding forever. And what a way to kick off a marriage.

  • Sabrina Saxon

    Now this is FEARLESS. My husband, Sky Sunlight Saxon of The Seeds recently passed away and I am in the midst of coordinating his memorial to be held this Friday night, July 24 in L.A. ….

    I watched this video and I laughed and I cried and I thought … Now these are my husband’s kind of people …

    They LOVE life! They are FEARLESS! The whole wedding party to be willing to do this for their friends? TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE LOVE LOVE ….. My husband’s legacy other than his amazing body of music is to be fearless … to speak your TRUTH … to live your TRUTH … to cause happiness and joy in every person’s life you may touch …

    THIS touched on all those beliefs ….

    Thank you for posting this and sharing this with everyone on the internet …


    Sabrina Saxon

  • Ron

    At first i thought that this would be pointlessly silly or just obnoxiously self-serving…but it was awesome! I loved the energy and the fact that everyone in the wedding party seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. Well done!

  • William Wonka

    Amazing!!!! I love it, that’s exactly what people need to do. Break the mold and have some fun with their lives.

    @ William: Our country is headed down the pooper because of people like you wearing blinders. Wake up!!! You’re probably so emotionally disconnected that you couldn’t feel the joy of that video and of everyone participating. Do something fun for yourself and wake your soul up. BTW, that was FUN, not fast fast fast. lmao

  • Jo

    Excelente video! felicitaciones desde Chile

  • Joe

    All kinds of sacriledge.

  • matt

    Eh, my friends and I did a kung fu fight entrance in slow motion to chariots of fire. I was excited when I saw the digg on it, but we kicked its ass.

  • Senthil Sockalingam

    Okay so I saw this tagged on my buddy’s status and thank god did I decide to watch it coz I am in tears….this was sooo funny as I’ve never laughed this much!!! Decided to share it with more of my friends so you can be sure that a good number of folks who live in South East Asia are gonna be laughing about this video in a few moments (I live in Malaysia)

    Just wanted to say thanks and I’m spreading the word (or video!!) and I’ll be following your blog from now on!


  • nick


  • Television Spy

    Everyday in my life feels like that I guess that’s both good and bad. I’m surprised they had that many people who were willingly to dance and go along with it.

    It was entertaining and I hope the song had significance to them (it would have been better -but inappropriate- if they had played the Whisper song by Ying Yang Twins or Hot Spot by Foxxy Browne – look up the lyrics if you’re not familiar with these songs)

    not my cup of tea but looks like they had fun.

  • Ivor Reveley

    well written and very appropriate for me

  • R

    Very disrespectful in the house of the lord. Probably a bunch of Obama supporters.

  • disco7

    really cute and different than the traditional lame entrances

  • Rhea Drysdale

    R – good point. Fucking atheist commies.

  • Adrian

    well done. whats awesome!!

  • S

    That was awesome! Brought a tear of joy for sure

  • marc

    Great find! I love the video, and the song fits their theme just perfectly. I love it!! Thanks!

  • Alysson

    I <3 Rhea. No, really…I do. Laughed out loud and immediately forgot about how much I wanted to smack the anonymous “R” and a couple of others for being nonsensical.

    I thought the video was fantastic. I’ve been to many a wedding that was nothing more than a nightmarish dog & pony show (think BRIDEZILLAS). As you might imagine, the marriages ultimately ended in divorce court – which is often the case these days.

    Whether you’re among the vast majority who love it or the small-minded minority who don’t, you must admit one thing – it is unforgettable. Doing something unexpected often creates an emotional response and that emotional response and that emotional response creates a memory.

    Businesses are often afraid to do something unexpected because they’re scared to death of eliciting the wrong emotional response and creating too many bad memories associated with their brand (think “Motrin Moms”).

    On the other hand, there will always be people who “get it” and see things from the same perspective you do. And aren’t those the people you want to connect with? Those are the people who will champion your cause. Those are the people who will tell their friends about your products and services. Those are the people whose loyalties help to make your future success more of a reality.

  • Daniel

    made my day. =]

  • Nigel

    BLOG SPAM. Just post the youtube link, you idiot – and leave the whole “how I feel about about it” nonsense out of the equation.

  • Voclst

    Anybody know the name of the song they used? Never heard it before and really like it.

  • Hawk

    Awesome! have a very happy life, enjoy every day guys!

  • Cara

    This was one of the most uplifting videos I have seen in a long time!!! You are very blessed to have so many ppl in your lives to celebrate such a meaningful day! Very creative…I had perma-smile :) and tears in my eyes!

    Its nice to see the real meaning behind marriage, family and great friends.

    All the best on your Journey!!

  • joyce


  • Patrick

    This is exactly what my company is doing, the unexpected and we’ve had a great response thus far and so far one client has given us exclusive needs. We are a staffing company and as you may or may not know there is a lot of competitors out there, especially in the healthcare sector. So anything you can do that the other hundred companies are not, will easily make you stand out from the rest. Thanks for the post, it made me feel all the better that we are ahead of the game. Cheers! Keep the goods coming!

  • Dougal Campbell

    Those naysayers above who think that this was disrespectful to do in a church have forgotten something: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with singing.”And it continues with all the bits about drums, tambourines, trumpets, glockenspiels, kazoos, electric guitars, synths, and the like. Sheesh, I don’t know what kind of church *they* went to, but the churches I’ve attended *encourage* happiness.

    Don’t tell the Baptists, but there’s stuff about dancing in the bible, too. Shhhhh!

    Watching that brought back lots of memories of my own wedding. We didn’t do anything close to that wild, but I was wearing a kilt, and we had a bagpiper. Because it’s what we wanted to do. It’s what made us happy, and it made it memorable for our guests.

    So, to the couple in video, I say, “Good for you!”

  • Jeremy Hilton

    The unexpected doesn’t have to be something as lavish and rehearsed as that performance. Even the little things have lots of legs when it comes to client satisfaction and relationship building.

    For the record, I was in the horrified camp. But, they we’re having fun and are obviously in love, so more power to them!

  • Eric

    Ha, nice! Way too cute. I now have that song stuck in my head, I am going to have to grab it off iTunes and get it on my iPhone pronto.

  • Cesar Flores

    I liked it. It was fun. I only hope that after all this fun the wedding turn to serious. The risk is that the fun part never ended and when they got to the “yes I do” part they didn’t give it the relevance it requires.

  • Ahmadism

    That’s funny. I happen to tweet about the same thing about an hour ago. I wonder if the high rank on YouTube was driven by your post :) In all, it lead me to your blog, which is very interesting and fun to read. Keep up the good work.

  • Ken

    This is awesome!!!! They look like they are having a ball.

  • Jenny

    LOVED IT!!! so full of life, love and friendship. Great way to start your life together. Their attitude will get them through the next 50 years.

  • Scott B

    Agreed, “ridiculously awesome”.

    What is up with this adult life when you can laugh so much and then get all verklempt because you realize you are witnessing something magical? As a kid I cried when I got hurt and laughed when somebody burped. That was easier.

    I especially enjoyed thinking about how the bride and groom maybe had to lobby the wedding party to make sure that everyone came up with something good, and that nobody told. Even better that they looked young enough that it was probably their first wedding, and still wanted to break the chains.

    The spontaneous applause at the end by the congregation (crowd?) meant a lot because they wanted to show their appreciation, not because they had to.

    Thanks, Lisa, for the link.

  • seth

    To the person who say the dancing from the bride and groom looks forced…
    Maybe someone people cannot dance very well…
    Maybe that doesn’t matter in the slightest to them…
    If I was dancing down that aisle I would look like a fool, but would be having the time of my life, which was absolutely the point.

  • dazed

    I have always liked the idea of doing something different. (Which is why I have been using a Macintosh for 20+ years.)
    Would love to discover the words to the song before I make a final decision about this particular marriage ceremony.

  • donna

    amazing – you’re right, I laughed, I cried, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching others “do the unexpected”!

  • Jim

    Awesome in the original sense of the word. I literally watched it in awe. What a wonderfully creative, joyful and novel way to start a wedding. Personally I found it quite spiritual in an entirely unexpected way. I would say you got God’s attention and I hope he supports you both in the most wonderful marriage, best wishes!

  • marsh

    i think it was ok to do if that what you want to do –there some thing you just dont do in a church. some thing need to stay holy and righteous. unless you dont have any fear of God.

  • Dimplemonkey

    It was nice to watch. But then it hit me.

    A church is supposed to be the House of Lord, right? A place where you can come solemnly and humbly to reflect and perhaps gives thanks for all that you have received or ask for a burden to be lifted from your shoulders because you’re unable to handle it. A place where the main focus is Christ. I mean, that’s what I’m seeing in front of the church (referring to the statue of Christ behind the altar). He’s the reason that church was built.

    A wedding in Christian-based circles is supposed to be a covenant between you, your spouse, and God. You take vows to each other but in essence you are making a serious contract agreement in front of witnesses, that both of you will make God the center of your marriage from this point on.

    The music that’s usually played in a Christian church are hymns. Basically, songs of praise, of honor and glory to God. You delight in how much He’s made an impact on your life by lifting your voices in adoration and reverence.

    At least, that’s how I’ve always seen it.

    This brief snippet of the ceremony may not totally reflect the remainder of the wedding so I really can’t say any more personally. I really hope the heart of their marriage was/is in its right place. Now based on what I mentioned above – where was the focus being placed on?

    A lot of you don’t share my observations because you look at me as someone who’s taking the fun out of this video. I’m not perfect by any stretch of your imaginations but in all seriousness, it felt like God was being mocked. Could this performance been done outside of a church? Of course! I was picturing this performance at a dining hall or even on the beaches or up on the mountains. But if you’re going to have a wedding in a church with music, are you going to draw attention to yourself or to God?

    I like celebrating the human spirit just as much as the next person. I appreciate the effort these people put into their entrance. It was nice to watch on the surface. I know God’s a forgiving God as long as it’s asked for in earnest. That’s the power of the unexpected.

    All the best to Jill and Kevin. They obviously started something viral.

  • JoeSchmoe

    The autotune really makes the experience.

  • Insomn3ak

    This is one of those videos you just have to watch over, and over, and over, and over… I already watched it 10 times today haha! That was brilliant, thanks for sharing it.

    I think your stats on youtube are wrong though because it says you only have 192, 551 views, but you made the front page of with 4081 diggs. You should have WAY more than 192,000 views!

  • Ashley

    This was amazing… I’m one of the Maids Of Honor in my best friend’s wedding, I’d LOVE to do something like this!!!

  • Jerm

    So great. I don’t have any friends that would do that with/for me. They are going to have a great life together with people like that around them every day. Plus everyone who attended will remember it as a very special day when most weddings are very hum-drum and boring.

    Too much fun!

  • David

    @Dimplemonkey :
    How can God be mocked when people are celebrating love in a way that doesn’t put everyone to sleep? I would wager that you also disapprove of any music made after 1950 being played in a church. This couple obviously wanted a way to celebrate their special day with something memorable. Just because some people think that dancing is wrong, doesn’t make it so. In the Bible, King David was criticized because he danced before the ark of the covenant. (2 Samuel 6) Be happy for this couple, for doing the unexpected and making their day incredibly special.

  • James Stratford @JRStratford (Twitter)

    The Power of the Unexpected

    Thanks for a post with the unexpected as an apt example of what your post was about. So we should “suprise them.” and do something that they don’t expect. The changeup will freshen things up!

    The video was excellent as well and lifted the spirits. I certainly have never done a wedding for anyone with this procession and probably won’t, but it was certainly celebratory!

  • William

    Dimplemonkey, Thank you, thank you, thank you! You said so much of what I wanted to say!

  • Mackenzie Allen

    This is really cool! I loved it! I told my parents that if they’re going to force me to get married, THIS is how i want it! THIS or NEVER! hahaha!!! Would it be fun to watch the principal sponsors (some dignitaries) do the groove? hehehe!!!

  • Christopher Regan

    Wow, wow, wow! My jaw dropped, I smiled ear-to-ear, I teared-up unexpectedly, and then I soaked up the delightful, spontaneous energy. I’ve now played a gazillion times.
    However, what I find unexpected is the shades of condemnation and poo-pooing in many of the comments. C’mon folks, extend kindness, happiness and caring to all persons you come in contact with, whether at the grocery store or online. Thank you, Lisa.

    • Just an astrophysicist

      Welcome to the Internets, paps. Unfortunately human morals play no role on the Internets. It’ll be alright though, see it as an opportunity to ionize that big warm cuddly heart of yours.

  • Jim

    that was amazing !

  • Jason

    I’d thank you to keep god away from my Federal/State run institutions…

    YOU… PERSONALLY… might think a marriage is some blah blah blah before god… but that’s you. Guess what, most rational free-thinking people (e.g., not sheep) care more about their friends and family and celebrating a day to remember than they do about some fictitious (yeah, I said it) man/women/thing that is allegedly floating in the sky, watching our every move.

    You would do well to remember that the scriptures were written when we (as a species) still thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and flat. It was used as a source of control and a way to maintain order. I won’t bother to remind you that more people have died in the name of God than for any other cause in the history of man (oops… I guess I just did)… and if it were up to me… I’d rather have love, happiness and friendship be the centerpiece of my marriage than “god”. /rolleyes

    Get over yourself.
    Religion only serves to segregate and distance people from one another.

    A world without religion would be far more peaceful… I dare you to counter that.

  • Lisa

    I LOVED this video and forwarded it on to friends and family to give them a little lift. Just wondering if someone can tell me the name of the song and/or the artist in the video…

  • anon

    I thought weddings were supposed to be like elegant with soft music and all. The music in the video is like what you play during the reception. But I gotta give to you guys, I sure as hell would not have shown how white I was by dancing in front of all those people.

  • Tay

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Way to break tradition and go with a remarkably inventive idea!

  • rajiv

    celebrating life … :-)

  • N.A.B

    Just want to add the the majority and say just how awesome it is that two people can start their lives together this way. No boring for all involved, overly rehearsed ceremony, just a true celebration of who they are, their love, and their future life together.

    On a different note, how can this be disrespectfully to god? The joy of his creation should be the greatest praise. Would you rather see your children quiet and somber or laughing, playing, and generally enjoying the life you gave them to its fullest? I know I for one prefer the latter.

  • Cousin John

    Unfortunately the song is by Chris Brown. Great tune though. Fab video, loved it, though don’t know if I’d have done the same. Everyone there was feeling it, so it worked really well for that crowd.

  • MrMike

    Totally fun.

    Totally fake.

    Totally staged.

    Don’t be fooled.
    The camera angles give it away. This ain’t real people……..

  • Bianca

    Although this is cute, I think it’s just as contrived as a formal wedding. Nothing about it seems natural to me. Just a thought.

  • AS

    The song is “Forever” by Chris Brown.

    Screw weddings being all quiet and pure and all that blah, this wedding totally blows the other one’s I’ve been too WAYY out of the water!

  • Dimplemonkey

    @David, you’re missing the point. “Focus” is the operative word.
    @Jason, with all that you’ve said to me, you want me to counter it when you have already done so on my behalf? I don’t think I was being hateful like you are to me and I believe you’re trying to segregate and separate me from expressing my thoughts here. I’m simply making an observation. It only hurts if you believe it’s true. Focus.

  • Jim

    It’s good in life to do what makes you happy and not what is expect of you. The joy on everyone’s face is wonderful. I may take a little inspiration from this wedding for my upcoming wedding in two weeks.

    As Lisa mentioned, “When you embrace the moment, remember what life used to feel like and go for it”.

    Thank you for sharing the joy and have a wonderful life together.

  • jose nater


  • Happy!

    OMG!!!!!!!!! That was AWSOME! I think i have my idea for my husband and i’s 25th!!!!!!!!!!!! That was great guys!

  • Dan

    Wow – it made the first page of Digg, got jacked by CNN ( – and doesn’t even give a link to the original video), and has 1.4 million views as of 11:30 this morning. Looks like a lot of people love it!

  • Thea

    Thank you so much for giving me something to appreciate today. I needed it. :’)

  • denna

    This is one of the most beautiful joyfilled things I have ever seen. Thanks you and congratulations.

  • Bill H.

    Wow. It actually made me cry and I’m not a crier. Thank you.

  • magnetik

    So they danced to some cheesy music up to the altar and that’s meant to be amazing and special? My sister got married in a forest full of statues of elves and goblins. She and the bridesmaids were dressed as pixies. They shared vows spoken by druids hundreds of years ago. That’s what I call different and special, not some lame pop dance.

    Seriously, there are thousands of weddings far more interesting and different, I really don’t see why people are getting so excited about this one.

  • Eric Knight

    Those who can’t see the fun in this truly don’t enjoy life. This is one of the greatest wedding entrances i’ve ever seen, and would make me enjoy having a church wedding. Well done!!!

  • Wendy

    That was so great, thanks for sharing!

  • Linda

    Thank you for sharing your special day. I think the video is GREAT! I can’t stop watching it…..I loved it!!! Have a great life together and again, thanks for sharing.

  • Rbeck

    Let me tell you I’m a grown ass man and been to lots of weddings and that’s the first time I ever cried at wedding. You can tell they must be a great couple for there friends and family to join them in that… And would think this just might bring back Chris Brown.

  • Natalie





  • trish

    OMG all i can say is that was an amazing idea. i totally loved it. it was not something i was planning to see and therefore blew my mind. i would loved to had been there to see it live

  • Kasey

    You are all retarded.

    1. People that cried to this probably cry when they go number 2 in the potty.
    2. Chris Brown beats women for a living.
    3. That song is so “Two-Thousand-and-Late.”
    4. This was not awesome, amazing, or cute. It was cheesy, like any “crazy dance at wedding” bullshit video always is.
    5. At the root of this matter::Nothing matters what anyone has to say, it’s the couples day for all eternity, however they want to throw down is totally their decision….if I was there I would have started freaking on the mother-and-law and started poppin’ and lockin’ in the pews. That does not mean, however, that they are good dancers, or that I am not allowed to think this is stupid and you are all dumb for going totally apeshit over it.


  • RTant

    This is the longest list of comment for a video I have ever seen. This is also the loveliest wedding idea, web post and responses I saw for quite some time. Fully enjoyed it .Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan

    What is the song they danced down the aisle to?

  • Violet

    I watched this several times on YouTube and found the link to this site. I totally loved it and smiled the entire time! I thought it was awesome that they did it at the church, where I’m sure God was smiling, as well (4 all those caught up in the religulousness of it all) *eyeroll*. I’m sure if He had a problem w/it, there would’ve been fire ‘n brimstone wrought upon their heads, right? *2nd eyeroll* Anyhoo, a great and fantastic way to think out of the box w/something totally unexpected and make a joyful day memorable for everyone.

    BTW, the song is called Forever (totally apropos) by Chris Brown (a fantastic talent, albeit human, OK, people???).

  • reese

    What’s interesting is it seems like the point of Lisa’s article has made itself clear in the discussion that followed.

    It got people talking.

    It also clearly ruffled some feathers.

    Galileo ruffled feathers for what was considered a highly radical idea for his time.

    Memorable stuff, WORLD-CHANGING stuff, often makes people uncomfortable. It makes them question their comfort zones. It puts some of them on the defensive. And it can turn many people into evangelists for the idea, the product, the business, the dance.

    Lisa, I loved this entry not only for its video, but how it got people talking. You made a great point without needing to hit a nail over the head to do so :)

  • Zenny

    This was absolutely ridiculous! … a bunch of fat guys and silly women prancing down a church aisle like chickens shuffling in the barnyard. You could of at least choreographed something more interesting. Childish and tasteless! Yuck!

  • Mike

    Great point, and the video really made my day! Thanks!

  • sandy

    does anyone know the name and artist of this song…I can’t get it out of my head…..I laughed and cried at this one

  • Saskboy

    I found this on another blog, and it’s great. Led me to your blog too.


    When I first viewed this on the news this morning I smiled to the point of tears….thought I was crazy! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one.

  • christine

    Hi Guys:

    This brought tears to my eyes. What a great clip and a great way to dance in a most fabulous day. How come we didn’t think of that?

    Christine J.

  • Blind Morton Henkin

    Very tacky. We can expect a lot more of this as the narcissistic, exhibitionist generation of bloggers, YouTubers, and Twitterers come of age.


  • Donna

    Fabu! love it love it love it!

  • Wiki

    WOW, people are really haters……….sad. This was not staged, tacky or put on by liberals. This was great. Just what people should do at a wedding and during many other times in their life………have fun. No wonder the whole world is on medication and from a few of the comments above some folks have not taken enough medication. Jill and Kevin did it right and it is sad that people can’t accept something different.

  • Michael Richards

    Thank you for inviting me to watch such a Beautiful part of your Life! To get this 52 year old man to tear as watching this was Wonderful, You made my Day! May the rest of your Life together be as the Dance you started with and filled with Smiles and Love as what you have shown the World you have. To bring this to light in a World such as is today… Lets me Know God is real and Friends are the Angels who keep us in step… Many Blessings for your Love & Luck in the Future!

  • fran knapp

    loved it they were so happy and wanted to be different then other wedding,hope they stay that way , i sure like bieng different. happy days

  • Lourdes

    I loved and so did my kids.

  • Ellen

    Absolutely fantastic!! What joy! What happiness! I hope this couple have a long and healthy life together! Thanks for making my day

  • Alicia R. Bernal

    I have personally seen far too many weddings but this is just about the only one that had me getting up from my seat to applaud in appreciation for the most delightful and vicarious experience yet!

  • Brett Atkin

    If this is where the world is headed…I want every part of it.


    For anyone who has gotten married with the big church wedding, spent tens of thousands and barely remember a thing because the day was so chaotic, something like this would make it all worth it.

    If you can’t show your happiness on your wedding day…..

  • Erik

    All you haters out there can’t have been to many weddings. If you had, you would think this are a breath of fresh air. And why does everyone do everything exactly the same? If you want to have a somber wedding, nothing is stopping you.

  • Wendy

    I think it’s funny that people feel so strongly about this. Personally, I loved it — and I loved it because you can see it was a total celebration full of joy and life. It reminded me of more native style cultures that dance to celebrate a union. It was like a modern American version of one of those types of celebrations.

    Nobody is going to say, “Oh, blah blah, the world is coming to an end because Native Americans are dancing around a fire” or “Australian Aboriginals are a bunch of shallow twits because they are dancing around to celebrate some enormous event in life”.



  • Rob Willis

    What a great post & video for that matter. Stepping out of your comfort zone & doing something completely out of left field is something we should all insert into our daily lives.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  • revid

    what is the name of the song in this video please?

  • Nicole

    This was something out of the box for them! That’s all that matters, isn’t it? It’s for the people who were getting married. I giggled through the whole thing and had a little tear. It’s making your wedding about you and your new husband, not what everyone else in the world thinks! If it’s like some other wedding videos on youtube, what isn’t?! Most things are not original, someone else has maybe thought about it or done it in the past.

    It’s something that made us smile and appreciate what they let us in on! We saw a little bit of that couple and what their about, so all I have to say is thanks!


  • rob

    You marketing types make me ill. They did that dance and video for fun, and are using its popularity to help a charity. You know what’s happening in that room? Those people aren’t being tricked, sold, or lied to — they’re just having fun.

    But your take on it is, “if you can fake being as happy as dancing at your friend’s wedding, you can sell even more stuff to people who don’t want or need it.”

  • Lisa Barone

    Rob: You’re free to take in the blog through whatever method is most pleasant to you. However, we’ve received reports from many that *reading* a post before commenting on it greatly increases what you gain. It also helps you to not look like a jackass when you pull a comment from your ass. Have a SUPER DAY!

  • Daniel


    Take THAT, Rob. :)

  • Megan


    Great post. I’ve watched the video no less than 100 time simply because of the perma-grin that it gives me for the rest of the day.

    Better yet? Best.Response.Comment.Ever to f*cknards that open their mouth without reading, as so thoughtfully displayed by your new friend, Rob.

  • Fred

    I thought this was a fun way to do it, wish i had come up with something like that for my wedding. I was raised in a church and would just like to say that I found nothing offensive about it. A wedding is a celebration, even Christ Him self turned water into wine at a wedding when the bible clearly states that wine is for the mourning man. If the song were profane it would be different but I thought it was great. Anyway the usual song has no words so whats the big deal that this one said nothing of god? And as for what Dimplemonkey said about taking all the attention for themselves…never seen a bride throw a fit cause it wasnt going the way she wanted it??

  • vms

    I saw this video weeks ago and loved it because they were clearly just embracing their joy.

    There is nothing enjoyable, interesting, nor insightful about your post on this video.

    “When you finally stop taking yourself so seriously…
    Your customers will probably expect you to act a certain way today. The same old greetings, the same service, the same old promises, etc..”

    Stop taking yourself so seriously, and stop trying to turn genuine moments into commercial ones. You really embody everything I hate about modern American culture. Stop trying to sell, and just embrace the joy.

  • Andy Loverock

    Thanks Lisa,
    Great post, great video and excellent comment in response to poor old Rob who totally missed the point.

  • Yves

    I could acually feel the love physically while watching this video. Amazing!

  • mikesmith

    what was the name of the song?

  • Roy

    Absolutely stunning, magnificent, creative, innovative….and many more words still wouldnt be enough to describe it best. Watching this is truly touching and instantly puts a smile on my face. Hats off to the idea and all those associated in making the idea into a fantastic reality…! God bless the couple with loads and loads of happiness and a great married life.

  • Karrie Kohlhaas

    This is the kind of fun everyone should have at their wedding and as an entrepreneur! I am a big fan of bold authenticity in relationships and in business.

    The fact this video has circulated so fast around the globe, on facebook and into email inboxes is a sign of how much people are CRAVING authentic expression. Many people fear the same with weddings and business: that if they step out and do something REALLY BOLD that people will think they are being too silly and not taking it all seriously enough. I think we are too serious!

    Whether marrying someone or hiring a small business owner to provide some kind of service, I would much rather choose someone who is willing to take a risk and have some fun! Bravo to this couple and to you for posting!

  • Just an astrophysicist

    I’m the quiet and shy guy around my friends and family, and lately I’ve been allowing myself to make more comments out loud and being more physically comfortable around people (shaking hands, an unexpected hug or an unusual victory dance), and I’ve found that it has made an impression on people around me that I couldn’t have dreamt of. People actually laugh and reply to my comments, interesting conversations arise, and I end up having a decent night when I go out with friends (something which isn’t easy for me).

    Oh how I hate the video you used to show this example, Lisa, but then I must admit that the video communicates this point clearly, even if it is the music of deaf sheeple who will like anything as long as it’s in the top charts or on MTV.

  • Connie Watts

    Well put. I love it when people really personalize their own events like this couple did. Really set the mood for the rest of the evening.

  • George

    Absolutely awesom! Great posting!! Thank you so much. True, our life IS and SHOULD be all about FUN, JOY, SATISFACTION, FULNESS. Isnt’t it great and beautiful?? Of course it is!. We sometimes forget that this is the reason why we were born into this world – just to ENJOY it, to share our JOY with it. The more joy we spread, the better this world will become!! Absolutely.

  • vinfotech

    Ultimate post… taken good example for explaining the post….

  • Sally O

    This is frikin awesome – everyone in the office that I’ve shown it to loved it. Excellent post :)

  • Teddy

    Just came across this post….Brilliant entrance!
    Can’t stop smiling, Thanks !!

  • kberger

    wat to take the “holy” out of matrimony…..

  • lizette

    This is one of the most amazing videos I have watched so far. I also believe in what you’ve written, that you should show them another side of you. All of us have another side that other people don’t see everyday. I bet that those who attended that wedding were not only surprised but they would never forget that memorable event for a long time. And what is important is that you have encouraged the people who read your blog to once in while go out and have some fun and make or do something out of the ordinary.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video..
    Have a good day!

  • Rod

    That is amazing! Love how they took a very special occasion and gave it their own very personal twist! Made me smile.
    Also amazing how many bitter and ridged people there are in this world. Smile, I dare you.
    Thanks Lisa!

  • Jim Tsap

    “Maybe today you should surprise them”
    That what keeps ringing in my mind. The unexpected action bring unexpected reaction. If you are bored with what you are doing, maybe trying another way will bring you joy.
    Thanks Liza for keeping our minds in action!

  • Parker Converse

    Lisa: What a great find! Life’s short, be honest, enjoy and if you act out of the heart instead of the head people will pick up on it.

  • Riz

    True enough, it’s been almost two years now since this wedding, but there was never a time I hear this Chris Brown song and not remember Jill and Kevin. Total recall!! :)

  • jimmy

    this is a great post thanks