23 Bloggable Questions I Have About Your Business


Hello. I’m a potential new customer and I just landed on your Web site for the very first time. I’m taking a look around and I think I may like what you’re offering. In fact, your services/that pair of shoes/that quirky owl necklace are exactly what I’ve been waiting for. But, as a new customer, before I take the plunge, I have some questions. Things I need to know or at least would like to know before I commit to doing business with you.

What things, you ask? These things:

  1. What do past customers say about you? Are there reviews or testimonials on-site that I can access? Do you showcase happy (and maybe unhappy) customers?
  2. What if I hate it? What’s your return policy on goods purchased? If you’re a service-based business, what assurances do you offer?
  3. Are you on Facebook? What about Twitter? What are you using it for? What types of conversations or promotions are happening there?
  4. What’s your phone number? Where else can I reach you if something goes bad?
  5. Why I should trust you?
  6. I see an email newsletter sign up. Why should I give you my email address? What will you give me?
  7. What does Google say about you? Are there mentions of scams, rip-offs or bad experiences associated with your brand?
  8. What makes you different? How will my experience be better here than with one of your competitors?
  9. Who are you? What does your staff look like? What does your building look like? How are the tables set up in your restaurant?
  10. Why are you doing this? Why do you love your corner of the Web? Where did that passion come from?
  11. Where do the quirky things you sell come from? Do you make them in-house? Do you get them from mom and pop shops? Have you sold your soul to foreign goods?
  12. Where is your company and your industry going next? How will you continue to provide great service? What else can I expect down the road?
  13. What do you think about [industry topic]? Are you for it? Against it? What is your stance rooted in? Are we aligned?
  14. How do you do what you do and why do you do it that way?
  15. What am I getting for my money?
  16. What’s your company culture like? What do you value?
  17. How do you treat your employees? Do they have voices? Do I believe them?
  18. What don’t I know about your industry that would make me a more educated consumer?
  19. What do I think I know that’s wrong?
  20. Who have you worked with? Who wears your product? Do we have any common friends?
  21. What will you be working on next?
  22. What else can I do with this? Is it hackable? Are there unusual uses I wouldn’t have thought of for that thing you sell?
  23. Who are you influenced by? What have you been taught? What do you still need to learn?

Oh look, now you have something to blog about over the next month or two. Look at that.

If you’re having a difficult time thinking up blog topics to fill out your editorial calendar let someone unfamiliar with your industry take a look at your site and give you their unedited thoughts. What would they need to know to feel comfortable starting a relationship with your brand? What things worry them? What’s cool about your site to highlight that you may not have thought of.

Their answers, and all the blog topics you’ll pull from them, may surprise you.

Your Comments

  • Tim Bickers

    This is really good info! Thanks for sharing. I think that many times I get bogged down by the to-do lists of today and forget to plan blog posts out into the future. This really gives me some things to chew on. Thank you!

  • Jerry McCarthy

    Hi Lisa,
    Is there such a thing as Blogoholics?

  • Michael Dorausch

    This is so good there should be a pay wall to access it. :)

    We serve cupcakes in the morning, Sam Adams in the evening, and we provide fresh avocados with every new purchase.

  • netmeg

    #Like. Emailing to clients.

  • Nathan O'Leary

    Thanks for sharing. These are some great ideas for blog topics. I find that so many of my small business clients get stuck and don’t know what to blog about. I think you solved this problem for me for the next 2 months, LOL.

  • SweetGoth

    Adding to accolades: wonderfully comprehensive list which will be pinned to my fridge.

  • Michelle Church

    Wow….what an awesome list. I love it and THANK YOU…You have done what no other has…given us a ton of topics to write about…THANK YOU!

  • Kenya Hudson

    Excellent questions to get one thinking about their website and how a potential customer may view it.

  • Martha Giffen

    Wow! I need to go give my website a good “once over!” You have given some great pointers that I haven’t thought of. Thanks!

  • John Trader

    Thanks for sharing these Lisa. I work for a technology company which can be tough to come up with new ideas for blog posts consistently. I often forget that it is important to strike a balance of blogging about the technology itself and also about the more humanistic side of our business. Appreciate the reminder.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Coming up with blog topic ideas can sometimes be a challenge. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes it’s the most simple idea that can make a great post. Think back to your business “basics”. Just because something is obvious to you, that doesn’t mean that it is obvious to your target audience.

  • rumblepup

    Worst part is, Rhea was nice enough to look at my blog and tell me all of this years ago, and I still suck at this.
    I’m in that “I’ve should know better” group.

  • Jason Acidre

    Really liked the last question. But when I do check other blogs, I mostly wonder how much money they are making (well, some big companies do share some of these data by publicizing it through press releases and some bloggers do also share this type of info through income reports ), so I guess it’s also a good question to ask yourself and be blogging about – how much have we earned this week/month/year?

  • Amber-Lee Dibble

    Lisa, thanks!
    Ya know, I have learned a TON these last few months. But my favorite, (because this I can do!) is when you give me a list! OOOO! Here I go again! Back to check it off (cringe, I hope!!) as I see what a guest would see.
    ~Thanks for it!

  • Karrie Ross

    Lisa, thank you for such a concise list… I especially like the testimonial suggestion. I get so many clients that say “it’s like boasting” and they feel strange even asking for one, let alone posting it to their site… moving through that fear alone brings them to a point where they better embrace the book they are writing and the way they will promote themselves from then on.
    Thanks again
    Karrie Ross

  • Paul Monye

    Lisa, am over whelmed at the level of knowledge I got through reading this article. I believe its an article every blogger MUST read and answer before customers stat coming in. If you permit me, I post this article @word for word on my blog.

  • Jordan J. Caron

    Great tips. Sometimes coming up with stuff to blog about is tough. But resources like this blog post are so helpful.