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If you haven’t figured it out, you’ve hit Outspoken Media’s Blogging category page. This section is positively overflowing with information, resources and guides on everything you need to know about SEO and blogging, branding and blogging, community building and blogging, and blogging and blogging. It’s all blog, all the time. And you’re going to need a nap after we’re done with you. But you’ll wake up feeling so much smarter!

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  • Hey, by now you know that your blog needs great content to survive in the blogosphere’s dog-eat-dog world. And if you didn’t know that, well, then Panda-Farmer just came to smack you upside the head a little. Google says you’re welcome. But great content isn’t the lone factor in whether or not your blog is…Read More

  • Last week I had the opportunity to chat with a local journalism student. She was working on a project and was tasked with talking to a business professional on the topic of blogs and content marketing. Troy must be fresh out of real pros, because, well, she decided to talk to me. And I’m glad…Read More

  • If you’re looking for blogging best practices, there’s certainly no shortage of them on the Web. Experts will line up for miles to tell you how to blog, how to find an audience, and even how to sell to that audience once you have one. But there’s one area where I fear bloggers aren’t getting…Read More

  • The experts have long agreed: Creating a corporate blog is an important step in giving your company a voice, building brand, and establishing that all-important thought leadership. Your blog is to be your hub, the place where all the rest of your social media marketing connects. It’s an opportunity to encourage users to connect and…Read More

  • Bloggers are the Italian Catholics of the Internet; we’re made to feel guilty about everything. We’re constantly told that our work doesn’t matter, that we’re narcissists, and that we’re nothing without our audience. Since content marketers often measure “success” in terms of page views, comments, and shares, it’s easy to see how we come to…Read More

  • Content marketers can’t turn around without tripping over another article on the importance of blog titles. Everyone wants to tell you how to write a good one, why yours suck and then mock you about all the traffic you’re leaving on the table by not getting it. Look, I do get it. The experts say…Read More

  • It’s unavoidable. The moment you start blogging, your self-confidence and assurance will go out the window. It’s true. All that authority you have? Your experience? It won’t matter. There’s just something about publishing to the Web and that awful white screen that turns people into mumbling zombies. But you can re-find yourself and your voice…Read More

  • I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty dang tired of hearing about Justin Bieber. I don’t know anything about Justin Bieber, I’ve never heard a Justin Bieber song and I probably couldn’t pick little Justin Bieber out of a line up, but I know that I hate him. He’s always trending, girls are always…Read More

  • You often hear celebrities say they hope their kids don’t grow up to be like them. That they hope, with all their might, that their kids choose normal careers and stay away from the harsh realities that sometimes come as a result of being known, putting yourself out there, and letting people feel they have…Read More