Rhea Drysdale To Speak On Online Reputation Management


Two weeks from today (that’d be March 18th for our friends without counting skills) our very own Rhea Drysdale will be speaking on the topic of online reputation management at the March SEMNE meeting up in Hartford, CT. We invite you all to come watch her in action and learn a little about the topic and how to protect the sanctity of your brand in the eyes of the search engines and your customers.

Rhea would never tell you this herself (oddly, but she’s far more modest than Rae or myself),  but she’s really, really smart.  Like crazy smart. Especially in the realm of ORM.  Here’s a bit of trivia for you: Rhea was the reason I only had a few hours to throw up a splash page for Outspoken Media once the Wall Street Journal ran its article A Makeover for Your Google Results (featuring Rhea) and outed the company a week early. Yeah, we weren’t even live or done yet. Thanks a lot, Rhea! But I’ve forgiven her for that. Mostly.

So, what exactly will Rhea will speaking about on March 18?

I have lovingly ripped the description off the SEMNE site:

Before prospective customers do business with you, they often search online to check your reputation. How are you to monitor what’s being said about you? Most important, how do you respond and sculpt results? There are many strategies for creating and solidifying a reputation. In this presentation we’ll take a look at the growing number of companies and products that offer online reputation management services and how you can use them in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’ll also look at do-it-yourself techniques for those in-house marketers and business owners with modest budgets.

Other details:

Search Engine Marketing New EnglandWhen: Wednesday, March 18, 2009; from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Where: Hartford Marriott Downtown, Hartford, CT
Cost: Free for SEMNE members, $49 for non-members.

I’ll also be attending the event, both to cheer on Rhea and to network with other regional SEOs. Here’s a tip, if you ever have a chance to attend smaller events like this, take it. These small gatherings are a huge source of connections and knowledge transfer, especially for people just starting out. There’s literally no better way to get your foot in the door than by showing up and interacting with folks who do what you do, very close to where you do it.

Just ask Hunter Satterwhite. He attended his first SEMNE event a few months back, impressed some important folks and ended up at SMX West helping out the event crew and networking with this industry’s A-listers. Now his mug is all over my Twitter stream and it just won’t go away. Not bad. Not bad at all, Hunter. ;)

If you’re within a car drive away from Hartford, drop by and check out Rhea’s presentation. You’ll come away with some great takeaways on online reputation management, the chance to network with some smart people and you can even say hello to me, too.

We hope to see you guys there!

Your Comments

  • Godhammer

    Rhea is awesome. I’d pay to hear her talk about the evolution and performance characteristics of the AMC Gremlin, common lint, or biodiversity near oceanic vents. She’d make them all interesting, would find a way to tie them together logically, and would add value in the process just for the hell of it.

  • Rhea Drysdale

    I got a comment! Woot. Thanks godhammer, you make me a happy geek. :)

    It’ll be a good event, I hear SEMNE is well worth the trip for NE connections. I think we’ll be taking a bus load of friends with us and I’m more than a little nervous about speaking for an hour with twenty minutes for questions. It’ll be interesting to see what level everyone is at, it’s a hot topic right now and something I’m growing to love immensely.

  • john andrews

    Congrats to Rhea and Outspoken for immediately establishing a quality brand. Nicely done.

  • Sean O'Haugh

    Been to a couple SEMNE shows – not the best events but still valuable because of how small they are and the networking that goes on.

    Online Reputation Management is an awesome topic – but curious as to what experience @rhea has with it in a real word environment? Not questioning her smarts just would like someone speaking about this topic that deals with it for a company on a daily basis.

    Worth the minimal cost if you are in the area.

  • Lisa Barone

    For those that want to join me, I’m going to be seated in the front row of Rhea’s presentation, not so I can blog it, but so that I can hold up banners and woot each time she makes a really impressive point. I have the banners, balloons and noisemakers all set. If someone could bring the lighters and party hats I think we can mortify Rhea appropriately. :)

    You’re going to kick ass, Rhea. Looking forward to the event and meeting some cool people. w00t! (I’m starting early)

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Sean – I do deal with it on a daily basis, but reputation management isn’t an area where we flash our client list. Discretion is key. It’s something I’ve been building up over the past year and I take any opportunity I have to work with individuals or companies to get them better results.

    I don’t know how you’re gauging “experience” on the topic. We turn clients away if they aren’t genuinely ready to change their reputation, which means being open to change in every area of their company. We can push certain results out, but if the heart of the company or person doesn’t change then they’re just going to come back and I have this stubborn bleeding heart, ethical grudge thing. We’ve had to turn clients away with big problems, because the challenge was exciting, but the client wasn’t ready.

    With that said, we’re currently working with a number of clients for ORM, both companies and individuals. Sometimes they simply need guidance about the basics and other times we have to spend a great deal of effort prescribing, waiting, rinsing and repeating. Fortunately, we kick ass at it… :)

    Lisa and I are in the middle of the ORM guide, which will be out soon and I think it’ll be well-received. Meanwhile, feel free to come to the presentation and swap stories during the Q&A.

  • Jill Whalen

    Hey are you guys going to be staying over at the hotel, or heading back? It’s about 1.5 hours for me, so thinking of staying over. Typically do that for the CT SEMNE events.

    Looking forward to seeing you both. Rhea’s talk is going to be great!

  • Sean O'Haugh

    Great response. . I am gauging “experience” by what was actually been done for a company / client – not just thought about, written or mentioned. ORM is about being ingrained with the brand and understanding the where / how / what / why. That is why I personally believe an agency can give guidance (even though with all the free tools / tricks I dont see the point) but in the end it comes down to the need for the company itself handling ORM.

    Some thoughts on ORM based on my experiences – EVERYONE in the company should be involved in the ORM discussion – the more eyes the better right? The real trick with ORM is setting the standard of what is allowed and what isnt allowed – and sticking to it. If someone rips a company with facts that arent true then that matter has to be taken care of. However, what if someone is saying the “truth” but is aggressively negative? You can do more harm then good when you start making demands.

    Of course I am focusing on only one area of ORM…anyway – regardless of someones knowledge or experience this matter NEEDS to be discussed more. So kudos to you for picking up the ball and running with it. I will be at the SEMNE event and will be listening / learning.