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How to market your business the RIGHT way on the Internet

Make it look good on mobile: Google recently changed its algorithms to give mobile presence more weight when determining how sites rank in the search results. That means your website not only has to look good on a mobile device, but it has to function well on that platform, says Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media in Troy. People want a different experience if they’re viewing it on mobile device. “If you’re a local restaurant, if [the customer’s] on a desktop they might want to see the menu,” she says. “On the phone, they want your phone number and address because they’re about to arrive or want to make a reservation.”

Outspoken Media SEO Agency of Record for School of Rock

School of Rock Names Outspoken Media as SEO Agency

on Dec 7 by Rhea Drysdale

December 7, 2017 – Troy, NY School of Rock, a leader in performance-based music education, announced today their partnership with…

Social Media
Social Media

How To Avoid Accidental Tweets & Disasters

on Apr 1 by Lisa Barone

Working in social media is great… most of the time. The times when you’re not juggling multiple social accounts and…


Usability: Seven Swans a’Swimmin’

on Dec 16 by Michelle Lowery

Oh, the possibilities for swimming puns related to site navigation are endless! I’m going to assume you can see the…

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