The Authority Rules


authorityreportSee that over on the right? That’s Brian Clark’s new report on authority. It’s called Authority Rules. You should read it.

Authority is a funny thing because it’s something all of us want, but only a few us truly know how to obtain. Brian’s report helps the rest of us finally get a damn clue so we stop making asses out of yourself on the Web. In Authority Rules, you’ll learn the power of authority, why Google values it, how to cash in and the 10 rules for building an authoritative Web site.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out. You have the choice of reading it on the site or downloading it as a PDF to sleep with under your pillow. Whichever method you choose, I think you’ll find it’s pretty essential reading on the topic.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Thanks for giving the rest of us a light, Brian.

Your Comments

  • Yawn Webmaster!

    Millgram and Zimbardo, reminds me of when I was studying this stuff at university. Glad to see you’re finally addressing the things that are important.

    These are a little bit less fluffy, but are full of solid nourishment too:

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    Loebbecke, C., 2001. e-business trust concepts based on seals and insurance solutions, Information Systems Management and e-Business Management. Springer-Verlag.

    Zucker, L., G., 1986. Production of trust: institutional sources of economic structure, vol. 1840-1920

    Crosno, J. L., Nygaard, A., Dahlstrom, R., 2007. Trust in the development of new channels in the music industry, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 4, pages 216-223.


  • Brian Clark

    Thank you very much Lisa, but I’m pretty sure the Outspoken Media crew has all of this down. You guys rock.

  • Joseph A.

    Excellent report Mr. Clark made. So far I like that the report is really not too hard to read, yet gives excellent comparisons and details (especially when talking about the psychological experiment on the teacher and learner). Thank you for creating a great resource.