Expert Social Media Advice From a Fortune Cookie


“Keep your goals away from the trolls”

Kind of social media- insightful for a fortune cookie, don’t you think? That whole “never listen to stupid people” thing. I thought so.

I could spin this into a long post about how the trolls don’t matter, that only your business does, and how it’s in your best interest to ignore them. But then you’d have to invest some additional time hanging out here.  Instead, why not just listen when your cookie talks and go do something today that will build yourself or your business?

What goals do you have for your business that you’ve been putting off? Maybe you want to get involved in social media, but you’re afraid of what people will say about you. [Here’s our social media section to help you get started.] Maybe you want to learn more about SEO to better your Web site. [Our SEO advice can help you.] Maybe it’s finding your blog voice or acting on that one idea that you think would move your brand to the next level. [Check out our branding information for inspiration.]

It doesn’t matter who you are. Even the strongest, ballsiest people sometimes delay productivity because we’re afraid of the trolls (especially the dreaded inner troll) and their worthless opinion.  What’s that one thing you think about doing every day but never do because of a laundry list of excuses? What keeps you up at night? You don’t have to list it here but it seems silly to keep putting off what you know is right because of something outside yourself, doesn’t it?

Keep your goal away from the trolls. Because the trolls don’t matter.  Your business does. Just something to think about.

Your Comments

  • David Zemens

    Great article. Succinct but to the point.

    It’s totally about *your goals*. Forget the crap. Forget the noise. Focus. Focus. Focus. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. The world, and the inter webs in particular, are full of noise. It’s hard to get past the nose and focus on what is right for your business. Sometimes you need help to get it done. It’s OK to ask for help from the experts.

    Outspoken Media == The Experts.

    Disclaimer: This was an unsolicited response. These women get it. Trust me. My father was a doctor.

  • Jeremy Victor

    Lisa, not much more to say than … thank you.

  • Andrew Krantz

    Haha I got this fortune cookie but couldn’t remember the exact wording, thanks for reminding me! I also ended up reading the article and I thought it was well written and pretty darn inspirational considering it was based on a fortune cookie :P