Usability: Seven Swans a’Swimmin’

by on 12/16/2011 • 4 Comments | Usability

Oh, the possibilities for swimming puns related to site navigation are endless! I’m going to assume you can see the parallel, and just get right down to the good stuff. One of your jobs as a Web site publisher is to figure out what brings people to your site, and make it easy for them …Read More

7 Ways Your Homepage is Like A First Date

by on 05/04/2010 • 25 Comments | Usability

Dating, in general, kind of sucks. Or at least that’s always been my impression. Unfortunately, unless you want to die alone in your gorgeous Troy, NY apartment under a mountain of cats who do nothing but leach off you and prevent you from sleeping a solid eight hours, at some point you have to get …Read More

5 Ways Twitter’s New Homepage Schools Yours

by on 03/31/2010 • 6 Comments | Usability

See that up there? That’s the new Twitter redesign that was launched yesterday. Not exactly earth shattering news, but it’s pretty neat. The change was announced by Twitter’s Creative Director Doug Bowman who explained a bit about the reasoning behind the redesign. He wrote: “With the new design, we’re intentionally featuring more dynamic content on …Read More

Attract More Visitors By Going Invisible

by on 04/09/2009 • 19 Comments | Usability

So, here’s the thing, no one cares about your little Web site. I’m sure your mom does. Your mother is probably very, very proud. However, your customers are using you. They’re like that guy you dated right after college who just hung around because you had a job and a paycheck and he had a …Read More