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With factors like personalization and behavioral targeting taking a stronger hold on the search results, the engines are adopting new ways to determine a site’s usefulness for a particular search query. In today’s world, where you rank is influenced by a user’s willingness to stay on and interact with your Web site.

It makes sense. With SEOs manipulating their way up the SERPs, the engines need an unbiased authority to tell them which sites are valuable and which are not. That means each time a search is performed, the engines are tuning in to see which sites users are clicking on, how many pages they visits, how long they’re on the site, and if they’re engaging.  If users are interacting with your site, you’ll be rewarded with rankings. If they’re not…well, that’s where we come in.

The first step in getting visitors to engage with your Web site is to increase its usability and get rid of any roadblocks that may prevent users or the engines from interacting with it. And Outspoken Media’s Usability category will soon be filled with information on how to do just that.

We’ll give you the tips, tricks, advice and guides you need to develop a usable site that takes into account all the new engagement metrics being used by the search engines.  We’ll help you identify the common usability pitfalls and show you how to design around them.

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