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With the search engine optimization landscape getting more complex and more competitive every day, there’s a lot for business owners, marketers and even SEOs to stay up-to-date on. This corner of the Outspoken Media blog is designed to help you do just that. Whether it’s what’s happening in the way of personalization, Universal and blended search, technical SEO best practices, link development or another facet of this growing disciple, we’re here to keep you covered. Use this section as your compass as we delve into high-level and advanced SEO tutorials, guides, theories and more to help give back to the SEO community and educate a new breed of SEOs.

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If you have suggestions for posts we should do or techniques you’d like to see covered, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Or, if you’re interested in hiring an SEO consulting company or talking to us about our SEO Audits, feel free to contact us about that, too. We’d love to show you how to become outspoken.

  • Take a page from journalism 101– increase link building and outreach response rates by using the inverted pyramid. When I was a Communications major with a concentration in Advertising, I had to share a lot of classes with the Journalism students. I’ve since forgotten the majority of the AP Stylebook and can barely speak much…Read More

  • We hope you had a beautiful end to the summer this Labor Day weekend! In upstate New York we’re already celebrating Autumn with hot apple cider and pumpkin donuts. It’s one of our favorite things, just like today’s guest poster, Ian Lurie, is one of our favorite SEOs. The founder of the Internet marketing company,…Read More

  • Hi guys! We’re “under construction” with a new design and brand. Rather than letting the blog go quiet for a few more weeks with all hands on deck, we invited some of the industry’s best and brightest experts to guest post. Without further ado, please welcome Zeph Snapp from Not Just SEO. He’s super talented,…Read More

  • Have you seen the new tabbed sitelinks in search yet? The quips are already flowing inside the Outspoken Media office (“Now the Google six-pack comes with easy open tabs!”). Welcome to the newest face of search: Click to enlarge

  • Real estate can be a complicated industry to market online. Having worked as the Marketing Coordinator for a real estate team (where I was also a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Realtor), I understand the idiosyncrasies of the field as well as the payoffs. What follows is an SEO guide for real estate agents and…Read More

  • Hey-oh! Rhea here and guess what? I’m supposed to leave for vacation in about six hours. I know I’m a business owner, what am I doing taking vacation?! Maintaining sanity, that’s what. We all need a break from our technology loop: Before I go I want to follow-up on several questions left in the comments…Read More

  • If you haven’t checked out Rhea’s Whiteboard Friday discussion of vendors vs. consultants, now is a great time to take a peek. In our effort to transform from SEO vendors to true SEO consultants we’re evaluating our client intake process, focusing on establishing a long-lasting relationship from the moment a potential client clicks “submit” on…Read More

  • There comes a time in every link builder’s career when a technique comes to mind that just seems too good to be true. It may seem so damn simple you can hardly keep it contained. If it seems a little suspect though, it probably is, and it won’t end well. Just yesterday, Search Engine Land…Read More

  • It’s Monday and that means it’s time to get fired up about the week. What better way to kick things off than with a quick conversation about robots?! Yes, ROBOTS! Not our friendly bot in the picture though, I’m talking about your robots.txt file. Wait, don’t panic! It’s ok if you don’t know what the…Read More