Why Social Media is Not Customer Service

by on 04/22/2010 • 25 Comments | Reputation Management

Reputation management problems often exist because of a significant communication breakdown. A confused consumer could not get in touch with an informed (or caring) representative, a product’s limitations were hidden in the fine print, expectations were not clearly defined prior to the start of a project, etc. All of those situations stem from poor communication …Read More

Conan Makes Quintessential ORM Power Move

by on 01/13/2010 • 16 Comments | Reputation Management

There are five main steps to defusing a potential online reputation management or branding nightmare. They more or less go something like this: Control the message by explaining, in simple and honest terms, exactly what happened/ is happening. Don’t get emotional or look for sympathy. Just state the facts. Admit any wrongdoing, if applicable. Show …Read More