Do Judge a Book (or Site) by Its Cover

by on 01/07/2013 • 12 Comments | Online Marketing

You’re working on your New Year’s Resolutions, right? Run every day, talk more to distant friends, and stop eating cake for breakfast, right? Let me suggest a small addition to your ever growing list: use good judgment. It may seem obvious, but in our industry good judgment can mean the difference between success and failure …Read More

How to Build Agency & Client Trust

by on 12/10/2012 • 2 Comments | Online Marketing

As search marketers, building trust and relationships should be second nature, it’s vital to what we do for our clients. Maintaining expectations, effectively promoting brands, and finding new avenues to drive qualified traffic are all dependent on trust. However, building trust is a two-way street and in the past clients often had to take a …Read More

Why We Moved From Basecamp to Trello

by on 11/30/2012 • 30 Comments | Online Marketing

I don’t know about you, but I want a project management tool that makes my work easier, and I want it to be natural! I’m sure you’ve heard about Trello before–Will Critchlow at Distilled has been singing its praises for the better part of 2012. Internally, Amanda championed the tool and it didn’t take long …Read More

3 Event Tracking Actions You Should Be Using

by on 11/28/2012 • No Comments | Online Marketing

Stop making assumptions! As an SEO, I have to remind myself of this–question data, question the client, question past and current link development. One assumption I see many companies and website owners make is that Google Analytics gives them everything they need to properly analyze their site. This simply isn’t true. For many, Google Analytics …Read More

21 SEO Interview Questions (and Why I Chose Outspoken Media)

by on 11/20/2012 • 12 Comments | Online Marketing

Hi! I’m Sean, Director of Client Services for Outspoken Media. I like skateboarding, snowboarding, sneakers, and search marketing. In the three months since joining Outspoken Media we have been entirely focused on our clients, conference travel, the re-brand, writing proposals, training a new team, moving offices and evaluating new hires who can help us grow …Read More

The Fashion of Empathetic Selling

by on 08/29/2012 • 12 Comments | Online Marketing

Joining us today on the blog is the amazing Brittan Bright. With a name like that, it’s impossible not to be a star! She is a dynamic SEO Account Director who has worked with enormous brands throughout her career. Those experiences combined with her passion for taking care of her clients and killer fashion sense, …Read More