Enter Dawn Wentzell, Senior Account Manager


Today, we are very proud (and excited!) to let you in on a little secret.  To be honest, it’s one that our clients have been privy to for a while. Her name is Dawn Wentzell (@saffyre9) and she’s the new new Senior Account Manager for Outspoken Media.

Everyone please welcome Dawn. Dawn kicks ass.

Though her title says Senior Account Manager, we’re a shop of four. That means titles don’t get you out of what needs to be done. So, just like the rest of us, Dawn will be doing a little bit of everything as we continue to grow and take over the world. Dawn’s our first official hire, so we wanted someone who could quickly help us out with client work and assist with a wide variety of SEO and project management duties. Lucky for us, Dawn was both qualified and crazy enough to accept a position working with Outspoken (yey!). Unlucky for me, Dawn resides in Canada so I still don’t have someone to bring me coffee (drat!). We’re working on that for the next employee.

A bit of background on Dawn: She’s Canadian (eh!) and began building Web sites in 1997. She got her official start answering phones and doing customer service for a Web agency in Guelph. Within a few years, she worked her way up to Senior Designer and found herself with a strong and morbid interest in technical SEO, getting hands on experience working with small businesses and local search. She sometimes blogs at dawnwentzell.com and I’m thinking of asking her to blog for lisabarone.com, too. Blogging on vanity domains is the all the rage, after all.

More background on Dawn:  Neither Rae, Rhea nor myself could love her any more.  We think she’s the perfect complement to our working styles – she’s smart, capable and isn’t afraid to get loud when she doesn’t agree with something.  She’s a great fit for us and I’m so glad she’s here and that we can finally announce it.

To Dawn, we’d like to officially welcome you on board.  We’re psyched to have you and so thrilled about the value that you’ve already started bringing to our clients.  On a personal note, I very much look forward to dragging your sorry ass to The Ranch for some good Country music the next time I come to visit. So get your boots ready. ;)

There you have it. Outspoken Media is now a team of four. And together, we’re even more Outspoken than ever. Huzzah!  Lets give the girl a good welcome!

Your Comments

  • Terrific news. It’s great to see a business expanding even in our sour economic times. Hats off to you for growing your business and for recognizing that sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

    Dawn seems like a great fit, but there is indeed something to be said for having a Coffee Lackey in the office.

    Best wishes to Dawn and to Outspoken Media!

  • Congrats ladies, welcome aboard dawn! I look forward to sharing many crazy conference stories with ya in the future.

  • Congrats to Dawn and Team Outspoken!

  • Welcome, Dawn!

  • Dawn IS awesome!!!! I’m so happy for Dawn for such a great opportunity and for Lisa, Rae and Rhea for getting to work with someone so kick-ass.

    And major kudos to Dawn, I have been harassing her relentlessly about her new job for over a month and she never once spilled the beans.

    Congratulations girl! Can’t wait to see you next week.

  • That is great news! That means Dawn buys the drinks next time, right?

    I’m happy to see Outspoken is growing and thriving.

    Congrats to you all.

  • Welcome, Dawn!

  • To echo Lisa, I love Dawn. She rocks, is smart as hell, was up to speed quickly and she gets better at merging seamlessly with us every single day.

    However, I feel no guilt about incorporating her having to go to the Ranch with Lisa and myself into her employment contract. ;-)

  • Welcome to the team!!! You complete me. :D

  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Its been tough keeping it a secret for so long, but it’s been great working with these ladies so far.

  • Nice to see another addition to an already awesome team, especially a fellow Canadian – even though you’re an Eastern Canadian. :o)

    Seriously though, I’ve been following Dawn on Twitter for a while and it’s great to see a great company having the ability to grow and add outstanding people in this economy.

    Congrats Dawn.

  • Dawn: “So far”? What the hell does that mean? Tomorrow your whole computer will be dangling from the ceiling. :p

  • Um, [cough] we own her computer, so we might not wanna do that. However, she better hope she isn’t the first to pass out after the Ranch [readies the sharpie] ;-)

  • Rae: Touche. Hang Harry’s computer from the ceiling over her desk then. We don’t own that one, right?

  • @Lisa I mean, I love you?

    *sigh* I so do NOT want to go to the Ranch!

  • Lisa: hahahaha… good idea ;-)
    Dawn: too late – in the contract! :)

  • asl?

  • Greg

    OK, I’ll ask: Does she like to drink? (And pleases don’t tell me she drinks Coors Lite)

  • Greg: She kind of drinks girly drinks…but (unlike Rhea) she can drink a lot of them. We’ve tested her a few times. She holds up pretty well. It was important.

  • @Greg HAHAHA! I am so buying you and Barbara both Coors at pubcon.

  • Greg: She only drinks the girly drinks cause she has an actual allergy to beer (thank god it’s not us)… but, as Lisa said, she can pound em back and walk herself to pass out on my couch at 2 am :) … It absolutely was part of the interview process ;-)

  • She’s Canadian, she sure as hell better be able to drink! #proud

  • @Kenny not tellin, female, Guelph :)

    @Greg, @Lisa: I have an excuse for the girly drinks! I can’t have wheat! (also, I just don’t like beer).

  • Dawn: Lisa and I are going to pretend you didn’t just make that (last statement). That never happened and we will never speak of it again.

  • Another person to watch your back from the dreaded …..
    http://bit.ly/mPL5t :)

  • @Dawn do you at least do shots?

  • @Rae pffft, whatever. My drinks have a higher alcohol content.

  • @Streko Depends on the shot, but yes – they are the reason I feel so wonderful two days after Halloween.

  • Dawn: But I can drink three times as many as you (or most people with normal livers) :P

  • [cough] Can we not turn this into a drinking thread? kthx.

  • Great news – congratulations, Dawn! Why do I sometimes feel like there’s a Canadian invasion coming in SEO? So many awesome industry folks come from our neighbor to the north.

  • @kenny – you should really learn how to stalk better……er um I mean, Nice to meet you Dawn!

  • Congratulations Dawn!

  • Dawn, I will pray for you and light a candle for you – you’re going to… oh – uh… CONGRATULATIONS DAWN! If you want cooperation from The Lisa, try a gift – knee-socks or cupcakes should do it…

  • Congratulations to you, Dawn, and to Outspoken. It’s a very exciting time when you add that first team member. Now, the question is, what’s the next strongest adjective after “Outspoken”?

    Better start doing domain name research ;)