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beggingIt doesn’t matter whether or not people put ads in their Twitter stream (newsflash: they already are). It doesn’t affect your business if Microsoft pays people to de-list themselves in Google. However, it does matter if people can’t find you.  If they’re looking for you and the local search algorithms are placing you on the wrong street or bringing up an outdated phone number. That matters.  A lot.

This is just a reminder. Actually, it’s more of a plea. If you haven’t checked to make sure that Google, Yahoo, Bing and all second- and third-tier engines have your local information listed correctly, please do so. Right now.

The common squirrel up there is pleading with you.

Dave Naylor wrote about some Google Maps madness this morning. I’m constantly reading about weird local hiccups from great local search people like Mike Blumenthal, Greg Sterling, Matt McGee and David Mihm. And this weekend my heart ached as I watched a Twitter friend race in frustrated circles because he couldn’t find the correct telephone number [language NSFW] for the hospital where his friend was admitted. Yes, Google’s going to continue to have hiccups and make goofs. However, you can control your part. You can control whether or not your information is correct.

Why does it matter?

  • Having a correct local listing with information that’s consistent across multiple sources is one of the strongest factors for ranking in the local algorithms. Really strong.
  • The holidays are approaching and more people may be looking local and looking for you. Bad information and leaving things to chance can cost you real money.
  • Someone may be jacking your listing, perhaps even to prove a point.
  • If your information is incorrect you’re missing out on targeted foot traffic.
  • It’s an easy thing to check off your To-Do list and impress your boss with.
  • Only you can fight negative false reviews.
  • Unlike most of SEO, it’s something you can do today and immediately benefit from.
  • If you offer emergency services, it’s very much your responsibility to make sure that your information is correct.
    Sometimes SEO really is life or death.

It’s a short week for most people, which means you’re probably not jumping into any major projects. Why not take some time today to make sure all your local listings are correct (use our local how-to, if you need)? It’s a simple thing you can do right now to increase your findability and store foot traffic. Can you say the same thing about Twitter ads?

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  • David Zemens

    Thanks for the tips and reminder on how we can improve our own websites. Wishing all the Outspoken Media folks a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Data Entry Services

    Thank you Lisa. This was one of the first things I learned when I decided to give my site attention and still one of the most valuable.

  • Raven Matt

    Thanks for the reminder. I have a few family business sites that I run that need updating.

  • Alan Bleiweiss


    Thanks for this simple yet very important article. Devin Cromwell, the Manager of Technical Services for CPMC left a comment on my post tonight. He was sincerely apologetic for my experience. And he even said that he too, an IT Manager within the organization, has complained about the web problems they have. But it’s their Marketing department in charge of that. He did however, say that he forwarded my article to them.

    I was truly moved by his willingness to respond. I hope they don’t fire him for that, given that he’s not an official marketing representative.

    And now I’m curious to find out whether they grasp the seriousness of this in a positive way, or if they just get all arrogant and self-righteous in order to defend the indefensible path they’ve taken.

  • Jim Rudnick

    thanks Lisa…I must’a missed the Balmer piece….but like always, reading this blog as well as Mikes and all the other LOCAL search gurus, pays off big time!

    muchly appreciated!



  • Eamon Diamond

    Thanks for the tips and reminder on how we can improve our own websites.