We’re excited to introduce you to the new outreach section of the blog, created in 2015—just six years after we were “born” (much too late)!

Over the years we’ve talked quite a bit about link building best practices and covered countless sessions at industry conferences. We’ve also talked extensively about how to connect with influences in your industry, how to pitch bloggers and the media, effective techniques for digital PR, and more. We usually threw those posts into the “Online Marketing” category for a lack of a better home, but as the industry and our own knowledge and capabilities grew, we started to refer to the combination of these areas simply as “outreach.” We’d found our home!

Outreach to us is defined as communication that occurs when brands reach out to their audience—all of them (customers, internal, media, community, stakeholders, etc). Outreach no longer belongs only to the Public Relations team, it’s a vital part of all of a brand’s communication channels.

On the Outspoken Media blog, you’ll find this unique combination of traditional and digital marketing channels combined when we discuss how brands can leverage outreach for growth.


Use the Inverted Pyramid for Outreach

on Sep 7 by Rhea Drysdale

Take a page from journalism 101– increase link building and outreach response rates by using the inverted pyramid. When I…


Content-based Outreach for Link Building

on Jul 14 by justinbriggs

Hey everyone, I’m Justin Briggs. I’m an SEO Consultant at Distilled in Seattle and an SEOmoz Associate, which is where…

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