What’s The Point?


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re somehow involved in the fantastic world of internet marketing. I know the Outspoken crew draws a large audience of SEOs, affiliate marketers, and social media types, which means that you more than likely either have a large circle of influence online, or are closely connected to someone who does.

The question is this: what’s the point? Why do you do what you do? How are you, as a marketer connected to one of the most influential networks online, effecting positive change in the world? Is working in this industry just another job for you? Or do you see it for what it is ?The internet is the largest living platform we have to make something of our lives.

What are your goals with what you do? To drive more traffic, increase revenues, and get more exposure for you and your clients? Is that it? When was the last time you helped promote a non-profit for free? Or even clicked on a tweeted link to help vote on an issue that wasn’t bacon related? I’m always amazed at the difference in click counts between when I tweet something trying to help out people in the world that are sick and dying, or when it’s about some funny article that hit digg. Is it seriously not worth your time?

The point is, if you’re an internet marketer, in any way, shape or form, you have some serious influence and ability to really help with things that really matter.

I assume most people are familiar with the concept of a tithe. And, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a lot of you donate money to charities and organizations. But what if you tithed your time? I’m guessing with the crowd of influence that circles around blogs like these, a tenth of peoples’ time would go much farther than a tenth of their earnings. Could you imagine what could be accomplished if you, and everyone you knew in this industry spent a tenth of their time promoting and spreading the word about projects like this or this?

So it’s time to rethink your priorities. Find an organization, a charity – something out there that you care about – and donate your time and expertise. They probably couldn’t afford you otherwise. Don’t make any excuses.

I’m Kenny Hyder and I approve this message. Leave a comment with a link to your favorite cause that can use some help. Please don’t comment unless you have an organization to share.

Your Comments

  • Chris

    Great thoughts, Kenny. This is very true not only of Internet Marketers, but should be done by everyone in their every day lives. All it takes is a few minutes once in a while to spread the word about a great cause.

    Most people have a Facebook these days, so imagine if once a week each person shared a link to a charity or an organization that they like. All these people that are busting their butts to help people in need would get great exposure and could make an even bigger difference.

  • Jack Leblond


    You are so right. This is a big reason why I do SEO for a non-profit, we must all give back to our community – not just local, but global.

    @KateMorris , @incslinger & I tried to make difference a few months ago by raising funds for the American Cancer Society (see link below) – I was shocked and saddened by how little we raised.


  • Chase

    Whoa… really took the gloves off on this one. I feel it, though. Here’s two organizations I love and want to contribute to:

    I’m Chase Reeves, and I approve of Kenny Hyder.

  • Jesse Friedman

    Great Post!

    For a while I’ve been suggesting to my students who are looking for opportunities to build their resume’s and portfolio to donate their time and talent to NPO’s and other groups.

    You’re right otherwise most of these groups couldn’t afford these services, especially these days.

    Hopefully it’s something we can all adopt for the future.

  • Rhea Drysdale

    I lived for the Surfider Foundation for several years. Ended up chairing the local chapter and we did some incredible things for the community. Unfortunately, most of that time went to paying off legal bills, but those bills set a state-wide precedent for public beach access. I’ve never been as passionate about something as I was with that organization and I hate to say it, but I’m relieved that I’m no longer close to it.

    I know that sounds horrible, but non-profits are a thankless job. We did it because it was the right thing to do, but more often than not, we’d have the same handful of people running every event. We were getting the money, but we needed more hands. I can’t agree more with the need for TIME. We needed people to help clean the beach, sit in on city council meetings, network with other local groups, manage the newsletters and website, attend events at the capitol, run outreach programs with local schools and so much more! I burnt out. My husband’s request when we moved was that I not get involved in something so demanding again (so I started a business, ha!).

    One day, I’ll return to the management side of things and hopefully have more balance with the other parts of life. In the interim, thanks for alerting me to those links! Wasn’t aware of them before, but will definitely use The Blind Project. I really liked the social media campaign from FreeRice, too: http://www.freerice.com/

  • Magda

    Thank you for writing this Kenny!

    Dream Foundation

    Invisible Children

    Just in case you didn’t catch this NYT article:
    It’s well worth the read!

  • Brian Chappell


    Kramden is a non profit that all internet marketers can relate to. They refurbish computers and hand them out to students who do not otherwise have a computer at their house.

    As most IM’s can relate, having a computer is an essential component to staying ahead in todays society.

    They just did a giveaway where I volunteered, it was at Ft. Bragg here in NC, where they gave away 250 computers to folks in the army.

    Currently they are a Non profit mainly working with schools in NC as they have not quite figured out how to branch out into other states. I encourage others to donate if they feel so obliged.


  • kenny

    @Chris – Totally, it doesn’t always have to be a daunting task to donate time, sometimes small things can have a huge impact.

    @Chase – Thanks Chase, and thanks for sharing!

    @Jesse – Thanks! Glad to hear about what you’re doing!

    @Rhea – Sounds like you poured your heart into it, thats awesome.

    @Magda – Thanks Magda! And thanks for sharing! I totally support Invisible Children as well :)

    @Brian – Wow that sounds sweet, thanks!

  • FNtraining

    Thank you for this article.
    You have pinpointed the reason that, as a charity ourselves, we have got into social networking. Charities need the power of the social networking to move forward. So I echo your thoughts; “Find an organization, a charity – something out there that you care about – and donate your time and expertise. They probably couldn’t afford you otherwise. Don’t make any excuses.”
    Thanks for saying this to us all

  • Michelle

    Awesome post Kenny! I think a lot times people don’t realize how powerfully utilized their talents and skills could be, outside the sphere they are accustomed to applying them in. I hope more people will read this post and consider how they can donate their time and expertise to raising the awareness (and bottom lines) of any number of worthy causes.

  • Alysson

    Bravo, Kenny. You’re absolutely right. My friend Steve is involved with the Jacksonville chapter of Donate Life Day. They’ve got a site – http://www.donatelifedayjax.com; and a Facebook Cause page – http://apps.facebook.com/causes/182957?m=1d62b34d

  • kenny

    @FNtraining – Thanks glad you liked it :)

    @Michelle – Thanks Michelle, I hope so too

    @Alysson – Nice, maybe there are some people who attended IMSB that can help with that?

    @Jack – Yeah I know what you mean, I tried to help spread the word when you were doing that.. Sorry it didn’t as big of a turn out as you were hoping for

  • Lori Orr

    Kenny I am proud of you.
    Send me a link to your favorite charity, I want to mail a check today.

  • Steve Baker

    Please don’t comment unless you have an organization to share.

    Im a fan of the charities Kevin Bacon supports.


  • Tim Staines

    Yo guy, nice work!

    Here’s mine: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    I’m thinking I might just offer up some free SEO consulting to them because of this post (see the home page URL that is longer than their domain name). Otherwise, I’ll continue to fill my Kayak with man-made flotsam every time I’m out . . . and write posts like this whenever I can.

    I also helped Annapolis Community Boating get that site up and answer WP questions for them whenever they come up.

    Regarding our spheres of influence. It’s obvious from your post and from all the comments so far that everyone pretty much has their own voluntary thing going on (if you don’t you should). So I don’t think it’s shocking when there isn’t a good result (in the form of donations) when people try to tap their networks.

    Every one of those attempts to tap a network, including this post, has the potential to remind people to DO SOMETHING. Whether it’s for the group somebody else is trying to pimp or for your own cause is fairly irrelevant if you ask me. Maybe I already donated money to YOUR cause this year, maybe I donated time and money to other causes that I care about more.

    Don’t get discouraged if your online network doesn’t come through with donations; just keep on pimping your cause and realize that you’ve managed to make an impact, regardless of how much money you raise.

    To DOING SOMETHING – Cheers!

  • kenny

    @Lori – Thanks Mom! :) Email sent!

    @Steve – Thanks!

    @Tim – nice Tim, I was just saying, people don’t even click on links for the most part, that are about charities, or movements going on. It’s easy to get hundreds of clicks on a shortened URL to a youtube video, or some sort of viral content, but then when you send out something about movements, awareness, etc. people don’t even click! I don’t expect everyone to get involved in everyone else’s causes, but you don’t even have the time of day to click and read?

  • Tim Staines

    I totally understand where you’re coming from . . . I wasn’t really opposing that particular sentiment, it’s an unfortunate truth.

    I’ll use myself as an example here, since I haven’t clicked on the links (something I typically do AFTER I read a post like this) to your causes in this post yet. I thought is was a great post. I got excited and wrote my comment, then I went and contacted someone I know at CBF. I momentarily got sidetracked form your links, but I came back to check them out and now I’m sidetracked again :)

    Anyway, my original comment was aimed more at the donations end of things, rather than the link clicking part . . . I agree that the difference in CTR sucks.

    OK, I’m off to follow your links and check out all the others from the comments. Happy Weekend!

  • Boy Scout Leader

    I have been a Volunteer Boy Scout Leader for over 15 years. I’ve spent over 5 weeks of my summer vacations. Living in a Tent in 95+ degree weather in the humid South. I have spent countless hours preparing for meeting, campouts and other things Volunteer Scout leaders do. I was a Boy Scout and I had no idea, nor do I think my parents realized how much time these unpaid leaders spend helping to shape the lives of boys. because of my scout leaders. I grew up loving to help people. Especially when they don’t know it. The sense of satisfaction I get is indescribable. Way better than any pay check I’ve ever received. There are thousands of us out there. My hope is that a couple of the boys will grow up into productive adults and return the favor. Money is okay, but being charitable is truly divine. Find a way to volunteer for a cause that will make a difference in someones life.

  • Michelle Nist

    Wonderful post and wonderful point!!

    Here’s my favorite organization – they do such great things – one smile at a time – check out their videos and history… it takes so little to make a huge difference!!
    The company I work for supports them too and we got to hear their founders last year at our convention. What moving stories they have to tell!


  • Social Media Commando

    Hope and Change

    Here in Burlington, Vermont the community is dedicated to providing a free Web video resume to every unemployed Vermonter who wants one.

    What started as a idea on Twitter is now a real project with our first shooting date scheduled for August 29th, with another in September.

    Thanks for helping shine a light on the need for Social Media (and Marketing) for a Common Good.

    Details about our cause available at Video Resume VT

  • Tumblemoose

    Hey Kenny,

    Not to get all meta-physical on ya or anything, but I’ve discovered a great organization through Kabballah.com. It’s Raising Malawi. I’m now giving 10% of everything I earn. And it seems to be coming right back to me. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve had an unexpected surge in clients and more money just keeps flowing into my life while I support this worthwhile cause. here’s the link:




  • goldendog

    Southeastern Guide Dogs.
    I have been a puppy raiser for them. Continue to be a support since I just recently moved to the UK. Since my career has been creating visual messages and my hobbies are exploring underwater caves. I can appreciate the impact that a lack of visual information can have on someone. Therefore I have donated my time and my efforts towards giving those who cannot see a chance to live his or her life to the fullest.


    To give is to receive.