SEO Drummers & The Same Old Tune


Well, it’s just you and me here to wrap up our 12 Days of SEO fest. After more than two weeks of posts, it’s come to this – 12 Drummers Drumming. Twelve people who can do nothing but beat the same drum year after year…after year… after year.

Remind you of anyone?

It reminds me of SEOs and social media experts. And fine, maybe those of us who blog abut SEO and social media experts. We all have a bad habit of wasting spending our time rehashing the same old arguments that, in the end, get us nowhere but further behind.

Some prime industry-specific examples?

  • Why SEO is dead/ Why SEO is definitely not dead
  • Black hat, white hat, grey hat, no hat
  • Why you should buy links/ Why you should totally NOT buy links
  • Why keyword density is the end-all/be-all to SEO/ Why keyword density is a poor man’s SEO metric
  • Blogs needs comments/ Blog without comments
  • Why rankings matter/ Why rankings don’t matter
  • We need SEO certification/ SEO certification is evil and biased
  • Google is good/ Google is evil
  • The “ethics” of doing anything
  • Who is or is not Matt Cutts new best friend

Here’s an interesting concept for 2012 — What if we stopped being drummers who drummed and actually did stuff?

Because, as entertaining as they sometimes are, what are those rants and debates and flame wars getting you? Are they moving your business forward or are they allowing you to waste 30 minutes of your day snacking on empty calories and bitterness?

If it’s not making you money or moving you forward, you shouldn’t be spending your time on it. Sure, we’ll all falter and spend just too much time on Twitter sometimes. And, yes, it’s always going to be more entertaining to bitch than to create. But it gets you nowhere. Strive for better going forward.

We need more creators in the industry. We need more experimenters, more testers, and more leaders. We need fewer false idols.

The next time you’re faced with the choice of reacting or creating – opt to create something. Spend your time there instead of bathing in the knee jerk reactions. We all want this industry to mature, to excel and to command more respect. So how about putting down the drums and letting the horse rest?

You don’t have to seek attention to get attention. Get attention by doing and creating cool stuff.

Happy Holidays.

We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of SEO. We’ll be taking a little break to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family.  We’ll see you in January. Same time, same place, k?


Your Comments

  • Joel

    Reminds me a bit of Ross Hudgens’ post about why SEO blogging sucks:

    The industry is chalk full of people spewing the same messages over and over and over again. Everyone paying lip service to these awesome platitudes and then doing the same goofy crap at the end of the day.

    Good post.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Thanks for the mention, Joel. Ironically, that post is now pretty played out to me and I wrote it very early on my blog – I actually am not a fan of writing about people, but I am a fan of writing about tactics that haven’t been talked about before. I try to do that.

      And of course, solid points, Lisa. Sometimes find myself a bit swept up in it but definitely try and stay away from it as much as possible. It solves nothing besides offering entertainment for our brains, which is to say something, but we sure as hell aren’t building anything when we argue with the white hat brigade.

  • Jon Henshaw

    Got it! So write attention getting stuff, just don’t write about topics that annoy you. No wait! Don’t seek attention, make things. It’s settled, I will never blog again.

  • Rufus Dogg

    Those who know what they are doing, just do it. Those who don’t yammer on about how to do it. The loudest drummer in the room is most likely the one who knows the least, yet lots of people follow the loud drum.

    Copyedit note (remove after reading): things are that; people are who. “And fine, maybe those of us that blog abut SEO …” should be “…who blog…”

  • Michael Gonzalez

    SEO is not dead, there is many ways to rank even in a post panda world. Build good content and build links to it. You will be ranking in no time. Just keep beating the drum.

  • alanc230

    You know what they say about insanity….it’s doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting to get a different result.

  • Kris

    Aren’t those little drummers (topics) exactly what is interesting and get you moving higher in the SERPs? Let me see: I think that SEO is here to stay. Grey is a great color that goes with just about everything. Buy some links. Keyword density is for the birds. Blog comments are good. Rankings matter, duh. No certification. Google is evil. Ethics is always important, after all Aristotle wrote about them! I wish I was Matt’s new best friend because then I’d be rich.
    Happy new year,

  • Daniel Laws

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself.