It’s Your Time. Get Amped & Execute


We all talk a bit too much. We talk about the work we have to do, the new things we want to try when we get the time, the obstacles in our way. Sometimes the talk is helpful. It helps us to prioritize and plan and gets things in line so we can execute. But at some point we talk so we don’t have to act. We talk so we have something to do when we’re not doing the things we’re supposed to be doing. We talk as an excuse for inaction.

Let’s not do that today. Today you should get amped and start executing. Nail down that one thing you’ve been wanting to do, and go all Nike on it.

This is your time. Your competitor’s time is over. If you don’t believe me, let 5-year-old Joshua Sacco remind you.  He helped the Red Sox earn a 9-7 comeback win from the Yankees on Sunday night.

Or if that didn’t light a fire under your ass, go read Rae’s post on Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Success. Or maybe watch Gary V’s video on why he’s gonna spend this year reading, instead of talking and speaking. Imagine what you’d be doing right now if you executed this time last year and didn’t just talk about it.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post. I’m okay with that.

We weren’t all born to be baseball players, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create great things. If you’re not the one on your team who has trouble executing, send this to the person who does.

Your Comments

  • Garry Polmateer

    Ha ha ha, 5 year old kid starting his keynote speaking career! I saw him on Youtube a while back. Awesome!

  • Michael Martin

    Red Sox needed Joshua to sing again for yesterdays game as they lost to the Yanks.

    Also notice on opening day they welcomed Boston’s own, FourSquare founder Dennis Crowley, to Fenway Park on the jumbo-tron?

    ,Michael Martin

  • Ross Hudgens

    This video changed my life. Or at very least, my morning. Thank you.

  • finn at golden tech

    Sadly, after all that, all I wondered is whether or not the powers that be above me would let me say, “light a fire under your ass” on one of our posts. I mean, I’m getting away with Jack Johnson-themed posts, but I dunno if we’re ready for f*ckin’ swear words yet.

    The soon-to-be legend Kristin Page tells me the video is awesome (i’d watch, but then I’d have to pause the JJ concert).

  • Tyson Goodridge

    Lisa- loved this post and everything up until that video of Joshua Sacco- yes I thought it was funny with the whole Miracle thing, but some things were just meant to stay on YouTube..this is simply some overzealous parent going a little crazy. I like my six year old to be in the stands enjoying the game, nor paraded in front of thousands of fans who barely clapped, cheered or acknowledged him, because most of them, parents like me, were embarrassed for the little guy…

    Besides that little rant…

    Keep blogging, love your posts and your energy- tell it like it is…

    Tyson | @goodridge

  • DJ Waldow

    Lisa –

    Just sent that video to my stepfather, a die-hard Yankees fan. Not sure if he’ll ever speak w/ me again. Ha ha.

    Thanks for making me smile. As far as being “amped” I choose the word PUMPED instead … and I’m nearly always pumped. Good times.

    DJ Waldow

  • Heather Villa

    That little boy is awesome! I’m inspired. Thanks for starting my day off right!

  • Data Entry Services

    He is too cute! Okay, so I’ll get to work.

  • DJ Waldow

    Lisa – Thought you’d appreciate my step-dad’s reply after I sent him that video (remember, he’s a die hard Yanks fan).

    “That brat should be locked in his room forever.”

    Ha ha.

    DJ Waldow