Where Is Outspoken Media This Summer?

May 17, 2010
By Lisa Barone in Internet Marketing Conferences

Good morning, world! Do you know what time it is? It’s Summer time! Okay, well, it’s almost Summer time. And that means we’re about to kick off yet another conference surge filled with search shows, clever speakers and lots and lots of liveblogging. With that in mind and with Rae, Rhea and myself all currently in North Carolina for Search Exchange (can you hear the yelling from where you are?), I thought perhaps an update was in order.

If you’re looking for Outspoken Media this summer, here’s where you can find us. You should come hang. We’ll totally FourSquare our locations and earn cool badges together. Or maybe just grab dinner.

Search Exchange (May 17-19)

Hey, what are you doing? Get on down to Search Exchange. Right now!

If you’re in the area, hopefully you’re already planning on attending what’s surely going to turn out to be a great conference over the new few days. Rae will be giving a keynote on the Evolution of SEO at 3:15pm today (Monday) and Rhea will be kicking some butt with Wednesday’s afternoon keynote discussing the Online Reputation Management Landscape. You’re going to want to attend both of those.

Even though I’m in the area, we won’t be liveblogging this one. We’ll make it up to you next time.

SMX Advanced (June 8-9)

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the big SMX Advanced show out in Seattle! I know this is lots of people’s favorite show all year and it’s definitely one of mine. Rae will be out speaking on the veteran Mega Session with a whole bunch of SEOs you’d probably wet yourself to buy a beer at the bar. Meanwhile, while she’s being a veteran rockstar, I’ll be in town to provide complete liveblogging coverage for the big show. We’ll be posting our liveblogging schedule early next week so keep an eye out for that. It will help you know what to expect from us and how to plan your conference napping accordingly. :)

SES Toronto (June 9-11)

If you missed her original adventures as a first time speaker, you can catch Dawn rocking her awesome at Search Engine Strategies Toronto. She’ll be speaking on Day 2’s Tough Love: Get Your Site Tuned Up panel so bring your site and watch Dawn lovingly kick its butt into fighting shape. If you haven’t yet registered for SES Toronto now seems like an excellent time to do that, don’t you think?

Affiliate Summit East (Aug 15-17)

Toward the end of the summer, Rae and I will be heading down to New York City to get our affiliate on during Affiliate Summit East. If you’ll be attending (register), you can find Rae doing an SEO site clinic. Once again, bring your site and a bottle of courage and learn how to tighten everything up. If you’ll be watching this one from home, I’ll be offering up full liveblogging coverage.

And that should wrap up our summer. Which conferences will you be hitting this year?  Let us know when and where we can meet up.

Also worth noting – we’ll be repeating Expert Week here on the Outspoken blog late June/early July to bring some new voices in while I take some time off.  Look for that announcement, as well!

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