The SoLoMo Revolution: Social Media, Local Search & Mobile Search Collide

June 7, 2011
By Lisa Barone in Internet Marketing Conferences

Welcome back! Did you have a fantastic lunch? I ate cake. Better yet – it was Aimclear cake.  I’m not sure you can do much better than that.  Outspoken Media should bake everyone cupcakes next year. I’ll talk to Rhea about that. But now it’s time to talk social, local, mobile and how they’re all colliding.  Helping us get the conversation started are Kelly Gillease, Jennifer Grappone, Daniel Lemin, Mac Ling, and Nicola Smith.  Do say hello. Also throw me a blanket. Yesterday’s sunny Seattle is now angry and cold.

Up first is Nicola. I admit I did a double take because she looks kind of like Outspoken alum Dawn Wentzell.

Purchases have become a conversation. 42 percent of 18-34 year old’s connect or share their purchases via social media.  As a result we’ve seen services like Swipely and Blippy pop up where you can share your purchases with a wider audience.  There’s been a 400 percent increase in the number of mobile searches over the past year. 74 percent of people use their mobile phones to search while running errands.

You want more stats? Too bad, you’re getting them anyway.

  • 63 percent of people are using mobile before purchasing offline or via a catalog.
  • 59 percent of people use their mobile phone to share content while shopping.

The benefit of MoSoLo to brands is to hypertarget to reach the right person, at the right place, at the right time.  It’s changing the face of marketing metrics and brand currency.  We’re looking at things like proximity, as well as awareness, attention and participation.  It gives us a shot at the holy grail – being able to measure and track loyalty to a specific brand or product.

Expand the Check In

  • Location-based checkins
  • Content check-in application
  • Brand/Product Conversation Check in Application

There’s also the problem of fragmentation. We need to look at services that will help us aggregate. SocialResponse will aggregate checkins among a bunch of different sites and lets brands respond via Twittes, which, IMO, seems kind of awkward. Why would you send someone a tweet about something they did on FourSquare? That might creep me out.

We also need ways to simplify the process. One way to do that is with a service like ShopKick. With ShopKick, people don’t have to check in.  The retail location will have a reader that will recognize that someone is in the store. Aaaand, again, if THAT’S not the creepiest thing ever, I’m not sure what is.

Location is not just about place. It’s about other entities and things about the space that you’re physically in. eBay teamed up with Shazaam so that every time a user uses Shazaam to ID a song, eBay will make recommendations for things they may be interested in.

Loyalty + Proximity = Currency, but the value of that currency is undefined.  Interesting presentation.

Next up is Kelly.

Facebook offers amazing targeting opportunities. You can target by interests, affinities, demographics, associations and more BUT on the social side, growing fans and likes via paid marketing is a massive, largely untapped opportunity. Building a contact list for email or building fans on Facebook grows an audience for important launches, offers and messages.  Social necessitates a shift in content delivery behavior, companies need to provide content where their audience wants it, don’t rely on them to visit their site. Ads for external sites have mixed results, but ads to grow fans or sponsored story ads involving fans, are largely positive.

Sponsored Stories: Ads that target your friends or friends of your friends.

Facebook Sweepstakes: Wildfire is a good tool for this.  For a low amount of money they’ll manage everything for you.

Twitter Promoted Accounts & Promoted Tweets: Paid placement to promote a Twitter account with the goal of gaining followers. She can’t talk much about it because she’s in the beta and doesn’t want to get kicked out of the beta.  Promoted Tweets – Select a tweet to promote to drive engagement, retweets and followers.

Twitter – Include Video.

How to value a follower or a fan? Track direct revenue from Facebook/Twitter for both paid and unpaid placements. Track paid placements with campaign codes and then subtract from overall Facebook or Twitter as referral source for unpaid.Track follower and fan totals, then calculate per followers and fan values based on total sales and total followers or fan.  Valuation ads in allocating appropriate spends for paid media in these channels.

Mobile Search: If you have a mobile site or a decent mobile experience, test mobile search campaigns. Replicate Google AdWords campaigns for mobile. Set targeting for Mobile Devices only on new campaigns and Computers only for existing campaigns. Updates display URLs to indicate mobile site if appropriate. Optimize bids, ads and keywords. Be aware of general local targeting.

Next up is Daniel.

3 SoLoMo concepts:

  • Point of Engagement (POE)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Convergent Metrics

If you think of social, local and mobile as three separate things, they make up the conversion funnel in different ways. Social is awareness and familiarity. Mobile is opinion, consideration and model intention. Local is the shopping and purchase.  SoLoMo helps you build that conversion funnel in a cohesive way.

Point of Engagement

Social media is like the dinner party. People are talking about you and your services, but they’re not talking about it in a branded way. Word of mouth rules the air. If you can help yourself fill the head of that conversion funnel, it can help lead consumers into a more serious consideration of your product.

Case Study: M&Ms.  He talks about M&Ms Find Red Canadian campaign.  The concept was that the red M&M got lost in the Internet (I HATE when that happens!) and you had to help the other M&Ms find Red. It used all the SoLoMo technologies. There was a lot of offline stuff. They had QR codes where you could get cues.  They had a Google Maps API tie in. They were pulling everything together. They weren’t driving purchases, they were looking at engagement.

Point of Sale

Local and mobile have a beautiful application for point of sale. A lot of companies struggle in social and why they’re investing. It becomes much clearer when you look at it as a social, mobile and local thing. You create a direct line to purchase.

TastiDLike – an ice cream place in New York. They offer mobile coupons on Twitter and FourSquare specials.

Convergence Analytics

What are some metrics to consider?

Business Metrics

  • Margins
  • COGS
  • Acquisition Costs
  • Lifetime Value

Convergent Analytics

  • Engagement Rate
  • Sentiment
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Events/Conversions

Platform Metrics

  • Twitter Influence
  • Page Views
  • Check Ins
  • Interactions

What are some advocacy metrics?

  • Loyal customers spend more
  • Better connections with core customers
  • SEO implications
  • Intangibles, press and awards

Next up is Jennifer.

She starts talking about Justin Bieber. Oy. And then my head exploded.

No, really, we’re talking about Justin Bieber and the Never Say Never site built for the movie.  It has a lot of advantages – its well-known, Justin Bieber has 9 million Twitter followers, etc.   The goal of the Web site is to sell tickets to the movie. What do you do when you have a product to sell that doesn’t exist yet? You generate buzz.

What counts as success?

  • Engage visitors on the site.
  • Draw others back to the site.
  • Visitors share with others off-site.
  • Engage visitors on the site
  • Visitors share with others off-site
  • Conversation off-site

They created wave after wave of sharebait and also collected emails and phone numbers via a form.

In terms of local promotion, the film had 275 theaters showing sneak previews before the film was released. Fans were encouraged to RSVP on Facebook, which created an army of local evangelists. The RSVP button was also used not just to say people were going, but as a way to continue the conversation.

Coolhaus – Hipster Ice Cream Truck

Photo share = success. People upload photos of themselves eating the ice cream and post them to Flickr.

They have Twitter accounts for each city. Tweet your address, share coupons, localized ad strategies.

Geotargeted Flattery: The truck knows its going to be parked in a city in a few days. They’ll ID a social influencer and make their name a coupon code for that day. They reach out to the user and tell them their name is a coupon and ask them to share it. Obviously, they did.

Co-marketing with Competitors: The Coolhaus ice cream truck tweets back and forth with the Big Gay Ice Cream truck.

  • SoLoMo is not magic.
  • Make it easy to share
  • X-sell with your competitors.
  • Open your mind to breaking SEO rules.
  • Know your audience

Next up is Mac Ling.

He starts off talking about  group messaging through apps, conference calls, etc. It’s nothing new.  We’re creating groups now that have social aspects to them. We have a device in our hand that is what makes all this possible.  We have a PC sitting in someone’s pocket and we can use it to deliver relevant information and offers. We can use it to find deeper insight into customers and these groups.  You can connect the dots between what you’re trying to sell and what someone else is in need of.

However, relevance has a shelf=life. So we have to be nimble enough to communicate to consumers in the decision stage what they want. He uses the example of someone tweeting they’re about to head out to a certain bar. If you’re a competitor, you can tweet back and offer them a discount if they come to you instead. Why wouldn’t they? I guess alls fair in love and business, but that seems kind of douchey to me. Maybe I’m sensitive.

As we take all this information, we know so much about our customers. How do we use it to talk to them? That’s the question.

SoLoMo doesn’t feel like a revolution but an evolution. We’re using the same fundamental marketing concepts with new tools to achieve similar goals. It’s simply the next iteration of the marketer’s toolbox.

Gah, okay. I think maybe we tried to combine too much into one session. That felt a little sloppy.


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