SMX West 2012 Liveblogging & Speaking Schedule


Hold on to your hats, friends, because it’s about that time. Oh yes, another flurry of conferences are upon us and that means it’s time to share our big plans for SMX West with you. Because, oh yes, we have them.

Big plans.

I know I say this every year but SMX West really is one of my favorite shows all year. It’s a smaller show, which means a much more intimate environment to both learn from and hang with everyone’s search favorites. Attending SMX West also means you’re in walking distance of In ‘n Out which, I mean, I’m just saying is a perk.

If you’ll be in town this year for the big show – awesome. You’ll get to hang with both Rhea and myself and grab a Double Double in real-time. If you’re not going – well, that’s a bummer. But as always, you’ll be able to find full liveblogging coverage right here on the blog.

Those attending will want to make sure to catch Rhea speaking on three different sessions this year. And, though I may be totally biased, they’re three awesome session. You’ll see her on Day 2’s Differentiate or Die panel, as well as the SEO Site Clinic happening later that day. On Day 3 she’ll be bringing the fury on the SEO Essentials for Migrating Websites and helping you to avoid a total SEO disaster. What’d I tell you – awesome sessions, right?

While Rhea’s being a rock star on stage, I’ll be doing the liveblogging thing.  My full schedule is below.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

What do you think? Pretty packed (and awesome) schedule, I think. Will we see you at SMX West? If yes, make sure you track us down for dinner or drinks. And if not, well then you’ll want to hang right here for all the liveblogging goodness. And don’t forget to follow @outspokenmedia on Twitter for more of the dirt! :)

Your Comments

  • Hugo Guzman

    I’ll be at Differentiate or Die, so I hope to finally meet you in person, Lisa!

    If not at the actual session, then just in and about town.

  • Danika Atkins

    I’ll be glued to my monitor waiting to read your coverage of How Siri, Search By Voice & Search By App Are Changing The Mobile Landscape. As I will be for all your other liveblogging coverage, of course.

  • Bhaskar Sarma

    That’s one of the bad things you miss out when you live in India. Every time I want to go to a cool conference.I have to go through the gauntlet of US Immigration who half expects me to cut and run the moment I land on US soil and become an illegal

    So no, I guess I will take the easy way and look at my screen for updates. Sounded like fun, though