SMX Advanced 2011 Speaking & Blogging Schedule


Hey, hey, friends! I hope you had a marvelous long weekend. I certainly did and I have perfectly sunburnt shoulders to prove it. I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying the slow approach into Tuesday because I know next week, well, next week won’t be slow at all once we head over to Seattle to attend Search Marketing Expo Advanced. It’s gonna be straight-up information overload.

SMX Advanced is one of those shows we look forward to all year so I’m excited to get out there and reconnect with some of my favorite search peeps. If you haven’t already purchased your ticket you’re a little out of luck as I hear the show is completely sold out. But have no fear! You’ll be able to attend virtually through our comprehensive liveblogging coverage. And if you are attending, make sure you track down Rhea, Sabre and myself to say hello. We definitely want to meet you.

If you’re in town, you’ll want to catch Rhea speaking on Wednesday’s Leveraging SEO Power Tools session because she’ll be dropping some ridiculously awesome knowledge. As for me, I’ll be doing the liveblogging thing, hitting a calm nine sessions in two days.

Here’s where I’ll be:

Tuesday, Day 1

Wednesday, Day 2

And that’s it. Again, if you’re going to be in town, do hunt us down and say hello. Especially Sabre. This will be her first search conference and we really want her to experience just how crazy awesome you folks are. ;)

See ya in Seattle!

Your Comments

  • Kevin Burke

    I would go for hard core Local. I have a nightmare on my hands with Google Places and changing company names and duplicate listings for a number of franchises who converted from existing business to franchise. There are not many true resources or authorities in Local (that I have found) . Lot’s of theories but when these Companies get dropped from Places they are done. Google has really made a mess of some of this. You can’t easily change the Company name without a problem and you can’t create a new listing witout looking like a duplicate listing due to the same address and phone number. Enough ranting…what I MEANT to say was…”Yes..more hard core local please.”

    And thanks for all your live blogging.

  • Kevin Burke

    Ohhh…did you mean Local Experts as opposed to Local Search? I feel like Emily Latella from Saturday Night Live. “Never mind”

  • Will Scott

    Please come to the local panel!

    David, Matt & me should be too much to resist.


  • Lisa Barone

    The people have spoken. We’ll be covering the hardcore local session NOT the vets session. Really interesting that it’s what everyone preferred.

  • Will Scott

    Woo hoo!

    I might have been a little biased.


  • Ryan Jones

    You should cover both. :)