Experts on the role of hreflang in global seo success.

International SEO Simplified: Experts on the Role of Hreflang in Global SEO Success

  • Date: Wednesday, Nov 1st, 2023
  • Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm EST | Where: Online

Join our panel of experts as we discuss the challenges, strategies, and evolving landscape of international SEO for multinational organizations. We’ll tackle questions on the impact of centralized versus decentralized SEO management, automation versus manual effort, and how search engines like Bing and Google perceive and prioritize hreflang. How important is this often misunderstood attribute? What does its future look like? Register to gain invaluable insights and knowledge for global SEO success.

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Bill Hunt

President at Hreflang Builder

Bill is the President of Hreflang Builder, the only enterprise-scale solution for complex hreflang deployments. Bill has extensive experience helping multinational companies uncover missed opportunities and accelerate growth by implementing strategic centers of excellence and process improvement to maximize e-commerce revenue worldwide. Bill has worked with most of the Fortune 100, including Disney, IBM, HP, and Pernod Ricard brands like Absolut and Jameson. Bill has earned his clients over 100 digital and Search Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award for himself at the 2015 US Search Awards. Bill started, grew, and sold two large search agencies to WPP. Bill also co-authored the best-selling book “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” Driving Traffic to Your Companies Web Site. Bill recently earned a joint master’s degree in Global Business, Economics, and International Relations from Tufts and Harvard University and is currently applying for a Ph.D. to research the impact of Digital Transformation on GDP growth in developing nations.

Fabrice Canel

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing

As a 26-year search veteran at Microsoft, Fabrice leads the Bing team responsible for the crawling, processing, and indexing at Bing to ensure up-to-date and comprehensive search results. Additionally, he also oversees Bing Webmaster Tools and search protocols and standards. His responsibilities at Bing encompass a broad spectrum, spanning from search engines technology to search user experience and SEO, showcasing his deep engagement in Microsoft’s search initiatives.

Patrick Stox

Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs

Patrick Stox is a Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs. He was the lead author for the SEO chapter of the 2021 Web Almanac and a reviewer for the 2022 SEO chapter. He also co-wrote the SEO Book For Beginners by Ahrefs and was the Technical Review Editor for The Art of SEO 4th Edition.

He’s an organizer for several groups including the Raleigh SEO Meetup (the most successful SEO Meetup in the US), the Beer and SEO Meetup, the Raleigh SEO Conference, runs a Technical SEO Slack group, and is a moderator for /r/TechSEO on Reddit.

Rhea Drysdale, Moderator

CEO & Lead Strategist at Outspoken Media

Rhea Drysdale is the CEO & Lead Strategist at Outspoken Media. Her role entails providing tangible, effective solutions to complex business challenges and collaborating with diverse teams to achieve goals in line with their long-term vision. She offers invaluable insights and perspectives that shape the SEO strategies of her clients and is responsible for guiding Outspoken Media’s leadership, clients, and team with 18 years of industry experience spanning over 300 clients from small businesses to multinational organizations and Fortune 1000 across industries with award winning work.

Webinar FAQs

Who is the webinar for?

Anyone involved in making sure websites are visible in the right location with the correct language for their audience. This may look like business leaders, marketers, product managers, development teams, or other roles. These are always multinational or multi-language websites.

What topics will be covered during the webinar?

We’ll tackle questions about the impact of centralized versus decentralized SEO management, the nuances of automation versus manual effort, and how search engines like Bing and Google perceive and prioritize hreflang. How important is this often misunderstood and incorrectly utilized attribute? What does its future look like?

Is this event free?

Yes, welcome to all.

Will this webinar be recorded and accessible if we cannot make it at the time and date?

Yes, the webinar will be recorded and distributed to registered attendees. Please register to receive a copy.

“Hreflang, multinational, x-default–these are new words and it sounds confusing, will I be out of my depth?”

No, the panel is great for any role and knowledge level. We’ll be breaking hreflang and international SEO down into very simple terms at the start and to help folks prepare we made a glossary of international SEO and hreflang terms you can read in advance. We will get more advanced as the webinar progresses, but strive to make it as accessible as possible for all marketers and business leaders.

Will there be Q&A?

Yes, when you register there’s an opportunity to share questions you have for the speakers. We’ll have a Q&A period at the end if we haven’t covered everything and if there’s more to tackle, we’ll do a follow up to the extent it’s helpful and relevant.

What languages are supported?

The webinar will be presented in English. Please let us know if you’re interested in a translation. We will try to source and accommodate multiple languages if there’s demand.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us at hello (at)

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