Moving Forward with Outspoken Media


Yesterday, Lisa announced her resignation from Outspoken Media and we hope you join us in wishing her the best of luck on the road ahead. With an undeniable talent, and a voice as strong as hers, we are excited to see where she goes next. It’s been three amazing years, and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without her.

Lisa’s brand has been intangibly tied to Outspoken Media as the voice of this blog and our community. We recognize Lisa’s a tough act to follow and we can never replace her, but we have great talent that’s ready for the opportunity to take more of a leadership role with the brand. I promise we will not let this community fade. We owe that to you and ourselves.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your continued support, readership, and communication. You—our readers, friends, and colleagues—make Outspoken Media what it is, and we are going to continue to bring you the same honest, sometimes in-your-face content you’ve come to expect from us.

What does the next chapter look like for Outspoken Media?

What you won’t find:

Lisa 2.0

Yes, there will be featured writers and a social media manager, but we’ll be moving to a more diverse voice that focuses on a community-based environment versus one strong voice.

Weekend Coffee Links

These were a perfect place for Lisa to collect her findings from the week prior. Random bits of humor and insight that didn’t belong to a single post, but also deserved more than a tweet. With WCL retiring, don’t worry, there’s still Cup of Joe from Joe Hall.

Monthly Link Roundups

The entire Outspoken Media team will be blogging more, so we’ll be turning our interesting finds into something tangible, actionable, or a strongly worded commentary (remember, we *are* Outspoken Media).

What you can expect to see:

More of me

Rhea DrysdaleHi, I’m Rhea Drysdale. I run this ship. I’m usually buried in client reports, e-mails, and team meetings. It’s time to break out of my very comfortable shell and get to know you. What you need to know about me is that I can be pretty straightforward. Lisa was vocal on the blog and I’m vocal in business. I’m honest with our clients and the team, which means I’ll forget pleasantries at times, but the trade-off is passion and experience. I love this industry and that’s what I’ll be bringing to you.

A lot more from these guys:

Michelle Lowery
Michelle LoweryMichelle is our content maven and many of you know her from her recent liveblogging coverage. Michelle produces and coordinates all of the content for our clients, assists with SEO audits, and client strategy development. She also helps train and ensure quality from the team with their outreach methods, and is the resident word nerd we go to with all our grammar questions.

Joseph Schaefer
Joseph SchaeferJoseph is my right-hand man when it comes to technical SEO. He produces SEO audits and link development strategies for clients. He’s also responsible for client reporting and analytics, and always makes himself available to help the team. He keeps all of us informed, focused, and laughing.

Danika Atkins
Danika AtkinsDanika loves clients, and not just a little. She would probably marry a couple if she could. She gets results. She’s also getting her MBA, and loves all things business, so she helps with proposals and operations, often referring to the team as “human capital.” We know she means it affectionately.

Emily Cote
Emily CoteEmily is the heart of the team. She keeps us on-task and motivated, while also kicking serious booty with link development and social media management. Don’t let that description fool you—she’s also one of the quickest SEOs I’ve ever trained, and will attack any SEO audit we throw her way. She will be doing a lot more Outspoken Media-focused work for us including newsletter management, social strategies, and community development.

Conference Attendance and Coverage

Were you worried we’d stop liveblogging? Hardly. Michelle Lowery will take up this torch, and she’s already killed it with Searchlove, Pubcon Vegas and Linklove. Feel free to send her your PowerPoints and bribes!

I’ll still be speaking at conferences, and you can expect to see me on a well-rounded set of panels. Yes, I speak often about online reputation management, and we do provide great work to those in need of help. However, we also do a lot of link development, SEO audits, and social media marketing. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our service breakdown from 2011 (Not what you were expecting, huh? That’s our reputation problem and it’s time to fix it.):

2011 Outspoken Media Services


We love videos. I love them especially because I’m an extrovert who doesn’t know how to think without speaking. Keep your eyes peeled; we’re going to be rolling out a new project we think will add tremendous value to the community.

OSM Newsletter

Guess what? Newsletters are pretty cool. They help us keep in touch with you about the really important stuff. Too bad we’ve never done anything with the e-mails we collect! Time to change that. You gave us your feedback on what you’d like to see in a newsletter, and we’ve been working with the amazing DJ Waldow to set up a solution that will bring value and humor to your inbox once a month.

A look inside Outspoken Media

Speaking of your feedback, you mentioned wanting the following:

Outspoken Media Newsletter Survey Responses

We listened. We’ll be sharing a lot more of the Outspoken Media antics and what we’re up to, whether it’s ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to how the toilet paper should fall:

How to Place the Toilet Paper

Image courtesy Gunaxin

or how we’re supporting our favorite non-profits and organizations. The team recently sat down to talk about what we value. All of us want to see more active involvement with the causes we love, so we’re going to make that happen.

More Guides

A lot of people really loved the ORM guide. We released it back in 2009. It’s out of date, and in need of a makeover, so that’ll be released soon. We’re also going to bulk up on other guides we feel will help you with your Internet marketing campaigns and branding. We’re taking requests, so let us know in the comments if there’s something you want to learn more about!

More Social Media Management

We know you LOVE US; now you just have to like us! Follow Outspoken Media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to get unique content, tips, and interesting tidbits we think are awesome. Keep showing us love, and we’ll give it back in spades.

Guest Posts and Interviews

We’re accepting guest posts. Yes, I made you read to here to mention that. Mwahaha. Have something you think would be a great fit for the blog? We’re going to be pretty picky about the content we host, so if you contact us, make sure you bring your A game. We’re especially interested in featuring writers from complementary and innovative industries.

Local Involvement

We love Troy, NY. Whether we’re participating in and sponsoring Tech Valley’s first Startup Weekend, or organizing speakers and topics for Social Media Breakfast, we want to continue to support the local industry. Cultivating talent, honing our skills, and networking with some of the Capital District’s best is vital. This business is only as good as the city and community that supports it. We are going to keep giving back, and hope to see you out and about!

That’s it for now. Phew! Trust me, there’s more. We have a lot up our sleeve, so stay tuned because right now, we’re only limited by hours in the day. The future of Outspoken Media is now, and we are fired up about it. Thank you for your continued support. It means everything to us, and there is so much awesome coming up, we are STOKED!

Your Comments

  • Danika Atkins

    I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of my enthusiasm for all the exciting changes, but let me reiterate – this is awesome! From a business nerd standpoint, watching the process of responding to customer and audience requests/needs and developing a strategy around that has been awesome. From an Outspoken Media family member standpoint, I couldn’t be more proud of this company. Thank you, Rhea.

    • Rhea Drysdale

      I want to comment, but I’d get emo and neither of us know how to handle that. Instead I’ll just say thank you. All of you guys have been exceptional throughout this transition and prior to it. It speaks volumes that you trust me with your future and I can’t wait to see what we look like in another year. It’s stressful, but the good kind of stress–eustress. :)

  • Alan Bleiweiss


    I’m loving all the various ways OSM is looking to communicate – exciting times!

    • Rhea Drysdale

      Thanks Alan! We’re happy to try other communication styles as well. Feel free to suggest some. Internally, we’ve mentioned interpretive dance and there are often strange animal sounds coming from one person or another.

      No really, thank you. We’re excited to tap into new areas. It’ll be a test though, so let us know if you think something is awesome or we should stick to our day jobs. ;)

  • Michael Dorausch

    Wishing you all the best! Love the pie chart showing where your focus is on.

  • Kristin Longacre

    Excited to see it all come together Rhea! Looking forward to what’s next!

  • Matthew Egan

    The key take away from this post is MORE. I love it.

    More voices, more value, more targeting specific topics, more better!

    I’m excited to see the whole team take the spotlight.

    • Rhea Drysdale

      More Dark Phoenix. Ok, maybe not, but definitely more team. The team is everything. Glad you got to meet two of them at Linklove and thank you for the support here. :)

  • Chris Winfield

    Nice pie charts :) Good luck with everything, the only constant in this industry is change!

    • Rhea Drysdale

      Thanks Chris! Appreciate it and you’re so right about change. I admire those who handle it gracefully and aspire to do so as well. Let me know how we’re doing in a couple months, ok? :)

  • Elmer Boutin

    I wish the whole OSM team much success and you open this new chapter.

  • Jessica Lee

    I had a serious *whoa* moment when Lisa announced her resignation. I hope your new chapter brings excitement and happiness, Lisa.

    No doubt you all have something special there; it’ll be fun to see the continued progression of Outspoken.

    And a shout out to Michelle, who creates awesome content. Looking forward to hearing more from her.


  • Kristy Bolsinger

    Can’t wait to see where you guys head! Exciting!!!!!

  • Matt McGee

    Ditto on Alan, Kristy and the other comments above — keeping kicking arse, Rhea et al!

  • Adam Sherk

    Best of luck with your new approach for the blog, sounds like a good one.

    • Rhea Drysdale

      Thanks Adam, we hope so! Now to just sort out our syndication problem with Business Insider. If only I knew of someone who’d written a great post on the subject before. Hmm. ;)

  • Michelle Lowery

    Thanks to everyone for the support!

    But even more, thank you to this kickass team I’m fortunate enough to work with every day! You guys make me look forward to coming to work every day.

    Most of all, thank you, Rhea, for creating an environment of creative freedom, open communication, and collaboration. I’m proud and grateful to work at Outspoken Media!

    • Rhea Drysdale

      Thank you Michelle. As I said to Danika, I would comment more, but I don’t want to get emo. It’s already been an emotional week for many reasons, which you know about. I will say that I am so damn proud of this team. The work you guys do everyday, the clients you help, how you respect and communicate with each other, the work you guys put into the transition, and the personal moments, especially the donation. I will be high on this energy for a long time. Thank you.

      Now, to catch up on some sleep. :)

  • Selena Narayanasamy

    The local community aspect makes me super excited. Tech Valley was still just a baby when I left and moved down to Florida, and its about time the Saratoga/Cap. Region started showing its face in the tech/Internet marketing industry more. Very excited to see what’s in store!

  • Chuck Price

    Pretty straightforward – yeah, that’s a good self evaluation:) I won’t wish you luck, because in this business its all about talent and getting results. Your track record speaks for itself and I’m looking forward to even more big things coming out of OS. Enjoy the next chapter.

  • andrea "gareth jax" scarpetta

    I heard only today about Lisa resignation, probably because last week my laptop was in assistance, so i was partly disconnected from the social media.

    Best of luck everybody! (Lisa too!)

  • George

    Guys, you have a great team with good peoples and i am sure that in the future you will fiind somebody so skilled like Lisa.