Twitter Debuts Twitter Local Trends


Want something sexy for your Friday? How about Twitter Local Trends?

That’s what my Twitter feed look like about half an hour ago. If you’re not seeing it, don’t worry. According to Twitter’s Alex McCauley (@anm), Local Trends is it’s being rolled out to a small subset of users. As I was among the last to get Twitter Lists, perhaps they’re making it up to me by giving me this one early. :)  Obviously the City/Country selection is pretty limited right now with only a dozen or so cities [screen shot below] but this has some awesome potential for users and business owners looking to find out what’s hot in their areas and connect with customers.  The new Trends allow you to designate your local area so that you can see the news and trends most relevant to where you’re from.

Twitter Local Trends Side by Side Comparison:

The West Coast is commenting about the nonstop rain that’s flooded the area and the CA-based Coachella event.  In the UK it switches over to opera singer Bernie Nolan.  Noise gone. Signal achieved. Thoughts?

[Additional coverage at TechCrunch and Mashable; both are using our photos. :)]

Your Comments

  • Ummm, I say this TechCrunch post was sexist since it JUST focuses on the OutSpoken ladies cleavages :)

    ,Michael Martin

  • Only rolled it out to 1% of users according to the mashable post. You must be super special.

    • I’m usually the last to get everything so I just assumed everyone had it. :)

  • Is there any info about them expanding this to their API? If so all I can see are dollar signs!!! Oh and btw, its my birthday!

    • Not clue what they’re going to do but…I think this is gonna be pretty impressive all around once it’s fully rolled out.

  • It would be super sweet if you could also work in reverse and start with the trend and rank the cities in order by volume. One can only hope…

  • Interesting about the local trends, but I love the story of how major media stole your images. I *hate* that. I’ve started adding watermarks and stripes with my URL to the bottom of images so that when lazy people do steal, I get some credit, or at least an odd sense of satisfaction.

    • Yeah, that was a bitch, wasn’t it? :) I was a little surprised that TechCrunch just grabbed it like that. Mashable at least went to ask for permission first. I think I have TC’s footprint still on my back.


  • Can I use these screenshots for my blog, naming you as the source?


  • Local trends is a little overdue in my opinion.

  • Is this a possible play for future advertising via Twitter? Similar to what you mentioned would be most useful for FourSquare???

  • Apart from the exposure and marketing advantages for local businesses, I am waiting to see how, or if at all, Google picks this up. Twitter updates are featured prominently in Google Real Time Searches.. I wonder if Trending Topics will enjoy the same place in Google Local Search…

    Have summed up a few SEO benefits of Twitter Local Trends at my blog if you want to read through

  • It would be wonderful sweet if we could also work in overturn and start with the trend and rank the cities in order by volume.