12 Women We’d Love To See Speaking (or speaking more)

by on 02/10/2012 • 72 Comments | SEO

There aren’t enough women speaking in our industry. There I said it. It’s what I believe even though the Twitter masses have angrily and repeatedly told me that I’m wrong, that there are “enough” women represented, and that what conferences are really missing are more SEOs with beards (thanks for that, BTW). However, I think …Read More

After the SEO Audit: When SEO Gets Strangled

by on 01/10/2012 • 10 Comments | SEO

The SEO audit is a beautiful phase in any relationship. Someone has their hands all up in your site as they diagnose what issues exists, what’s lacking and then gets to work creating a plan for how you can build the most kickass site the Internet has ever seen. But then the audit phase ends …Read More

Build SEO Momentum in 2012, Not Resolutions

by on 01/03/2012 • 5 Comments | SEO

While catching up with my RSS feeds this morning I caught this post from Jeremiah Andrick. In it, he politely (well, sort of politely) asks those New Year’s Resolution People to just stop. Admit right now that you’re a flake and won’t keep up with that workout routine. He doesn’t want you crowding his gym …Read More

Ladies (and Gents), Get Your Google Dance On

by on 12/20/2011 • 6 Comments | SEO

juice bomb dance jagger sandbox panda What do these words have in common? If you answered “Google” you’ve gotten into the spirit of the 12 Days of SEO! And, when you feel the spirit coming on, there’s nothing to do but DANCE. So, on the 9th day of SEO, this lady is dancing to Christmas …Read More

5 Golden Links for Link Building and Beyond

by on 12/14/2011 • 6 Comments | SEO

We’re almost halfway through our 12 Days of Christmas—er, SEO—and I want use my day to talk about five golden link finds that can help your link development efforts. I know, I know, we do a link-up post each month, but this a different kind of list. Golden Link #1 http://mentionmapp.com Mentionmapp is a simple …Read More

International SEO: Three French Hens

by on 12/12/2011 • 3 Comments | SEO

Even with a background in Cultural Anthropology, I occasionally catch myself thinking about SEO from an ethnocentric point of view. For the most part, the clients I work with are focused on a domestic audience, and so I may only need to account for slight differences in accessibility and keyword phrasing. But upon taking a …Read More

Reconsideration Requests: The True Turtle Dove

by on 12/09/2011 • 6 Comments | SEO

It’s the second day of SEO, which means it’s time to talk about turtle doves. Not the bird, the symbol! Turtle doves represent sacrifice and mourning, something we see a lot of in the SEO industry (or we’re just really vocal complainers). And, in the world of the SEO, we know no greater sacrifice than …Read More