PubconGood Afternoon! The exhibit halls are open, and the sessions are in full swing again. We’ve got more great coverage for you from this morning, with a second post on the way for this afternoon. Like we said yesterday, if you’re attending and didn’t have a chance to make a certain session, or didn’t attend at all, but want a visual summary of the good parts, check out our coverage below.

PubCon Las Vegas 2012, Wednesday, October 17th

  • Keynote With <a href="">Path’s</a> Shakil Khan Keynote With Path’s Shakil Khan You can't rely on any one thing as an island, the future of Spotify is even more integrated, with social, with search, with everything.
  • Robert Riggs, Principal, <a href="">FrontPageTV</a> Robert Riggs, Principal, FrontPageTV Content marketing should pull, instead of the classical marketing push. At the heart of this is the art of storytelling: entice, enchant, entertain, educate, and evoke emotion. There's nothing better than a great story told.
  • Dan Sturdivant, Senior Account Manager, <a href="">Speakeasy</a> Dan Sturdivant, Senior Account Manager, Speakeasy Your content should be a like the classic Hero's journey arc. Focus the content on the buyers' issues and outcomes, versus the me- me-me centric approach. Sectionalize the content so it speaks to buyers at their state of need.
  • Phillip Thune, CEO Americas, <a href="">Textbroker International</a> Phillip Thune, CEO Americas, Textbroker International Who will think your stuff is great? Check demographics, locations, analytics, ad planner, and internal statistics. You need to understand motivations and needs of your audience in order to understand what as a brand you can offer them.
  • Scott Polk, Co-Founder & VP Search Services, <a href="">ObsidianEdge</a> Scott Polk, Co-Founder & VP Search Services, ObsidianEdge With four recent major ALGO shifts: panda, penguin, EMD, & Top Heavy, don't chase the dragon. Instead, create an 18-24 month strategy. Pick a direction and find a balance of popularity, architecture, and content.
  • Ryan Jones and Eric Enge Ryan Jones and Eric Enge Ryan Jones, has his whole presentation up at Ryan urged the audience to think sustainable all the way down to URL structure. He gave the following example of good vs. bad URL structure: Bad: /widgets/ Good: If your organization has new work every year, don't throw the previous work away, establish a canonical URL.
  • Ryan Jones and Eric Enge, President, <a href="">Stone Temple Consulting Corporation</a> getting ready to speak Ryan Jones and Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting Corporation getting ready to speak Eric Enge appeals to the audience that an algorithm works to find quality diverse results for the user, use that to your advantage. Think about what your user wants, and make yourself an authority in it. High end guest posting for instance, will show a user your authority, and give them security in following you.

Morning Takeaways

Content Strategy:

Good content strategy is not just about fitting in keywords, or filling out your site, it’s about story telling. The panelists emphasized the need to not only tell a story that engages your audience with a beginning, middle, and end, but to focus on the purpose of your story. By thinking through what your audience is looking for in your brand, and what you as a brand want to tell them, you’ll develop more successful and engaging content.

Algo-Proofing–Sustainable SEO:

One of the best takeaways from Algo-Proofing came from Ryan Jones, “Good SEOs optimize for Google today.  Great SEO’s optimize for the Google of the future.” The whole panel echoed a similar sentiment, urging the audience to think long term about SEO, and to forget about short term fixes.  The most sustainable practices are based in focusing on the user.


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