Connect the dots


connect the dotsAs much as we like to try, being awesome is not a business model. It’s not a business model because most companies aren’t awesome and awesome can’t be faked. The same goes for personality. Can personality work? Sure. But personality only works when it’s genuine. It works when you’re a small business bleeding for change or a big business fighting against the corporate bullshit. However, personality and awesome are often nothing but fake avatars They’re smoke and mirrors, useless personal brands, and knock off products. It’s staged “awesome” created with the aid of a green screen. It’s not the juicy, in your face, unexpected type of awesome.

Your customers aren’t impressed by special effects. What impresses them is when you fix what’s broken. When you make them cool. When you create your own game and let them get in early. When you stop relying on glitter and hype to get attention. Brands are people. Make your brand about people, about your customers. Put the soul back in your company. Ask your customers how you can be better. And then use what they give you to connect your own dots. That’s what’s really awesome.

Your Comments

  • Joe Hall

    Ask your customers how you can be better. And then use what they give you to connect your own dots. That’s what’s really awesome.

    I like that a lot!

  • Virginia Nussey

    Love how you’ve connected the dots for us, too. :)

  • Lisa Barone

    Joe: Thanks, Joe.

    V: I don’t think Rhea did…

    “I think that’s the highest link/text ratio I’ve ever seen in one of your posts. [mocks]

    That…was the point. Fail.


  • Robert Enriquez

    almost sounds like you’re selling something :)

    great points as SEO clients don’t care too much about graphs, how many links you created, or how you improved their MOZrank lol

    They care about rankings and ranking for the money keywords which all leads to ROI.

  • Levi

    Lisa, you’re so right.

    Too often sales people pitch me neat things that I really don’t need. It’s like the camera on my cell phone syndrome everywhere I go. What’s really sad is when I describe my problem and they just reconfigure (really just reword) their idea back to me. That sucks!

    PS: Great job and I love your blog!

  • Lisa Barone

    Robert: Does it? If so, completely unintentional. In other posts, yes. This one, not so much. :)

    I’m not gonna touch that MozRank stuff, but, hopefully we’re weaning clients off focusing soley on rankings. Sure, it matters, but it matters more that you’re attracting the right people. That you’re creating a brand people trust. That you’re where you’re supposed to be in all the other areas of Internet marketing. Ranking well for key terms do nothing if you’re not attracting the right people. Or, you know, if you’re a fake douchebag of a company with no soul. Or something. :)

    Levi: Ha, awesome. It’s like they memorized a script and that’s all their able to say. Sad. Companies that listen and fix your problems are always nice. And thanks for the blog kudos. Glad you’re enjoying it. :)