PubCon Las Vegas 2012: Day 1 Coverage

October 16, 2012
By Pearl Higgins in Internet Marketing Conferences

pubconHi there! We’re wrapping up the first day of PubCon Las Vegas 2012 and it was packed with so much SEO goodness that our brains hurt! If you’re attending and didn’t have a chance to make a certain session or didn’t attend at all, but want a visual summary of the good parts, check out our coverage below.

We’ll be dropping PubCon coverage at the end of each day into a post with the help of Michael Dorausch, @chiropractic who is snapping gorgeous shots along with our team to bring you the real inside scoop.

PubCon Last Vegas 2012, Tuesday, October 16th


Morning Day 1 Takeaways

Local Search Rankings:

Making local search rankings work for you is all about the details, think small, then big. Start with verifying your information, phone number, address, and making sure that the information your customers want is up there. Then build up to making your business easily promoted by your clientele  through check-ins, reviews, and promotions.  Study your customers and find ways to creatively interact with them online. Make it fun and easy for them.

SEO: Hot Topics and Trends:

Competitive link mining and link development processes were the key themes throughout the SEO Hot Topics session. Utilizing tools to manage information and significantly refining backlink data to remove the clutter and assess quality ratings, are key to establishing a baseline to build upon. Link building has clearly changed, and while everything that used to work no longer does, it now needs to touch multiple departments including PR, legal, marketing and sales.

Reputation Management: Monitoring Your Brand Online:

Haters aren’t always going to just hate, sometimes they have a real complaint, with legitimate reasons behind it. Your reputation management strategy needs to keep the real person behind the complaint in mind.




Afternoon Day 1 Takeaways

Matt Cutts: Google:

Google’s new Disavow tool is on the way, but with great power, comes great responsibility. Get all of the details over at Search Engine Land.

In-House SEO Strategies:

In-House SEO can be hard, but by finding a way to integrate with the team and offer up recommendations and information in ways that make sense to your department you’ll be more successful. Make alliances, and present clear information in ROI terms that will motivate all departments.

The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization:

A bold, moving, call to action surrounded by 8 pp text may seem like a good idea, because it allows you to fit in everything that you wanted to get on the page, but think about it from your user’s perspective. You want to keep her on your page, and to do that you need to win both her trust and her interest.

Enterprise Level Local Search:

Enterprise level local search in 2012 is about focusing on the details of building up a local presence through consistency, while tracking the data to back up what is most important to your business.

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