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Things are in high gear at Outspoken Media these days. We’ve been lucky enough to take on some exciting (and awesome) clients, our internal projects are booming and I managed to not break or burn the blog yet. W00t! Party at my place in Troy!

Rae and myself are getting ready to head to SMX Advanced next week for some speaking and liveblogging fun, but before we do, here’s a look at some of the other stuff Outspoken Media has been up to. I feel like we don’t check in anymore. I miss you. You never call.


Outspoken Media was recently profiled by Christine Haskell of social venture labs on Startup Nation, where they took a look at some interesting startups and the issues that were keeping them up at night. What’s keeping us up at night? We’ll you have to read the interview to find out! ;)

We’re big fans of Startup Nation and the resources they offer to entrepreneurs and small business owners. You may remember that Rae recently placed 20th in their Leading Moms of Business contest, so I was flattered when I was able to be part of their entrepreneur series. And reading over the interview, Christine must have got me at a tender moment because it’s a more raw Lisa than most typically see. Hopefully it gives people some insight into why Outspoken Media means as much as it does to Rae, Rhea and myself. If not, it may just make you a little teary. Oprah, here we come!


The infamous Anita Campbell offered me an incredible opportunity back in April to pitch in with some blogging over at SmallBizTrends, which has proven to be a great experience. I really enjoy writing about small businesses and touching on all the little things they can do to increase their local search rankings and visibility to their customers. It’s also been wonderful to be introduced to a brand new community of people. They’ve been very welcoming to me over there and I really appreciate all the comments, Twitter chats and personal emails that have developed over the past month.

If you’re a small business owner or just really interested in their stories, you may want to consider subscribing and joining their community. SmallBizTrends features some fantastic small business experts sharing information and even some familiar faces like our good friend Matt McGee, as well. (Aside: Matt wrote a phenomenal piece earlier this week called If I Were Launching A New Small Biz Website Today that I absolutely recommend you read.) You can find me blogging at SmallBizTrends every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

…and to all those who have been greeted with a broken link when trying to access the Online Reputation Management guide listed on the home page…yes, we know it’s broken. Because the document is in its final, final editing stages. We promise you’ll have it immediately following SMX Advanced. Feel free to stop DMing me about it now.  We love you. ;)

Your Comments

  • Rafael Montilla

    Hi Lisa!

    I am fans of Startup Nation too, the have great information, I invite you to read this one 15 Questions to Measure the Strength of Your Home Page

    Rafael Montilla

  • MikeTek

    I think the launch and following success of Outspoken Media is an incredible case study in launching and rapidly building a brand.

    All three of you brought strong reputations to the table, no doubt – so you had a nice boost there :) But you’ve played your cards brilliantly since then, kept the quality through the roof and haven’t compromised a spec of integrity in the aim of “spreading the word.”

    I, for one, am taking notes.

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    Hey Lisa!

    I enjoyed reading the Startup Nation article (expose’? :-) ) though I hadn’t been aware you were also blogging over at SmallBiz Trends!

    This just shows the world (and the h8rs) that Outspoken Media and Lisa Barone are truly on the path of success, not through any other means other than dedication, commitment to excellence, and expertise.

  • Lisa Barone

    Mike: [blush] Thanks, dude.

    Alan: If you’ve missed me blogging at SmallBizTrends 3x a week for over a month, someone clearly needs to step up the Lisa stalking. C’mon, Alan, I expected more from you!

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Rae deserved her #20 spot in Startup. I think I’ve only walked in one of her moccasins so far. Congrats!